Sunday, 4 December 2011

The Cute Piggy Tea Cup :)

I received this cutie tea cup from Piggy Cuz.....for my birthday and I heart it so much. So sweet and the Piggy looks so adorable like my Piggy Jo LOL! Thank you Piggy Cuz for this cute tea cup.  And when you turn the cup over, the Piggy looks more cute , like it is doing a somersault stunt :) Cute a not ?  Love the shade of pink too.  And this birthday gift came together with a beautiful birthday card  and the front page of the card has  Piggies on the cake ! I think I will having more Piggy stuff coming my way coz she was in Singapore the last few weeks :p  She gave me something nice for Christmas and I shall be posting it up after Christmas.  I almost fainted when I saw what was inside the bag......not telling you yet but soon patient :)))  Meanwhile , enjoy looking at this cutie Piggy tea cup :)

I am a collector of Piggy stuffs * Oink

*           *          *

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Animal Picks From Daiso, The Curve

When I saw this on Zurin's blog , I fell head over heel in love with these cute super cute animal picks.  Thank God she disclosed where she found them and I quickly called up my Piggy Jo and told her to get me some  on her next trip to Daiso, The Curve and I have to straight away used them on my recent birthday cake :)  They are super cute ...aren't they ???  and that pair of Piggies....LOL! reminds me of my two Piggies !  Thank you Piggy Jo for gifting them to me. I love them and shall be using them to the fullest in my bento :) and they wont have time to sleep in their cozy box ! :p   They are can use them on cakes as decoration or use them to pick on your fruits and firm jelly and not least as deco on your bento :)

Cute Cute Super Cute and they make my days brighter with their
adorable faces !!!!

*           *            *

Friday, 4 November 2011

Phone Decorative Chain - Cute Piggies

Anyone who knows me well enough will know that I am a sucker for cute Piggies decorative stuff....anything with the Piggies icon on it ...I am sold ! So you can imagine the collection of Piggies stuff in the house.  And my dear Cuz Piggy will be helping me in my collection.   Each time she travels oversea, she will surely keep an eye on this Piggies related stuff and bring home one or two items for me and this is an example !   This is a phone decorative chain with two Piggies !  So darn cute.... :)  So adorable !

I have received many of such items from her.....wait.... let me think and see what else she gave me with Piggies face in them.....cutting board with the Piggy face, container with Piggy face, ballpens with Piggy face, comb with the Piggy face, dessert plate with the Piggy face and many more which I can't recollect...LOL!  All stacked up in  treasure box :p time she may gift me a real piggy for a there one that is a toy piggy like the toy dog that remains small and not grow anymore. I don't mind having a four legged one as my two legged ones are grown up already :))) 

Thank you Piggy Cuz for giving me very cute
and now I am looking for a Piggy Bento Box !!!! 
hinting hinting all the way for Xmas is coming soon  :pPp

^ ^ )

*             *              *

Monday, 31 October 2011

An Awesome Sight To Behold !

I can't believe my eyes when I saw this para glider gliding towards my office building, as I was making my cup of hot drink in my office pantry. I was stirring my drink and looking out of the window ! Wow...what an awesome sight. I quickly ran back to my place, grab my camera and start shooting away.  I zoomed in as much as my camera permits ( my old faithful camera  can't really take a good picture that far but no complaints , it serves me well though :p  )  I wish I was up there gliding in the air like an eagle soaring up high ....this happens to be a powered one. Powered paragliding is the simplest, most portable and possibly the safest way to get into the air.  I am envious ...I too want to paraglide into the air free and I am sure these paragliders are enjoying themselves looking down at beautiful Ipoh :)    The weather was fine and I spent about 30 minutes shooting them in the air....of course , my boss didn't know that I was not at my desk working and slogging away but enjoying shooting these human birds with my camera  LOL!  Just sharing here with you some real action here :)    After a while, 3 more gliders were seen nearby and here are some of the shots I can see they were enjoying the scenery below them and I was there ogling up at them  through my cam :p

this is what I treasure most................
I carry my camera with me wherever I go, so that I can capture
some nice moments and have them posted here in my Knick Knacks corner !

Have a wonderful day !

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Fragrance Farm ,Cameron Highland

This post is long overdue :p  I have been been pretty busy lately and now I can take a deep breathe and write this post .... we visited this Fragrance Farm on our way back from Cameron Highland retreat.  Gosh, I wish I work here...the air is fresh, chilly and the scenery is great. Surrounded by hills and this farm sells mostly herbs plants. They even have grapes growing there. But not for selling, the owner grow them for own consumption :) From mint to parsley, rosemary, lavender, lemon balm , fennel, dill, thyme, oregano , basil and sweet basil and lots more ,  some of which  I know they will not grow on lowland.  I bought back 5 types of herb plants which only  three survived till date :p  Okay..okay...I am do not have green fingers :) but luckily my rosemary , sweet basil and rosemary are growing well, the fennel and thyme died on me.  It is hard to grow thyme. They hardly can survive on lowland. I tried many times to grow them..I give up on them and whenever I really need them, I will buy them from Jusco our local supermarket .

This farm worker is so happy I wanted to take a snap of him :)  hahaha I guess not many would want to take a picture of him :p just the same , when I asked him whether he mind me taking a picture of him , he just smile not understanding what I asked of him...I just point to my camera and he that means YES !!! shoot away LOL! here you are ...a picture of the handsome worker :)

moss parsley...selling for RM9 per pot

lavender and rosemary selling for RM10 per pot

oregano selling at RM10

bird's eye chilli selling for RM10 per pot

dill selling for RM10 per pot

italian parsley selling for RM10 per pot

dill which I bought from the farm

thyme, I bought for RM9 after some bargaining but died on me
after two weeks :(

fennel died on me after a week :)
wasted my RM10

lemon balm....bought it for RM9 after bargaining
growing well...easy to plant...I used a few leaves each time
I brew my tea

Have a nice day :)

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Church Retreat #7 - Cactus Farm @ Brinchang Cactus Valley

This is the Cactus Farm that we visited on the  last day of the retreat ,our way back to Ipoh . I am not a big fan of cactus thus not many pictures were taken of the place :p  The cactus plants were huge and most probably of the cold weather that contributed to the growth of this cactus plant.  Many of my friends bought home a plant or two but for me , I did not buy any back but I did buy back many potted herbs plants which I am going to share in my next post.  I have been busy with so me church activities thus for my lack of posts here :p  but I shall try to update my blog more.  I shall be rounding up my last post tomorrow on the church retreat.  You must be bored reading only about the retreat :)  so my last retreat post will be a visit to the Fragrance Farm...stay tuned !

this is quite cute...shaped like a hand held paper fan

these are the more common ones but when you see them in
groups they do look pretty

and this cactus.... the color is pleasant...
love this but I did not buy any though

don't they look pretty ?  A sea of them with different shade
of the orangy colored ones...beautiful

Monday, 15 August 2011

Church Retreat # 6 - Found A New Friend :)

Made a new friend there at the retreat....she is cute ..isn't she???  She is friendly and gentle. And she is playful too.  Followed us wherever we went and guess what ? We found out that she can pray too...hahaha  amazingly!!!   look at the 3rd last picture. The youths were praying before a game and look at her...she prays too :p  She has clear blue eyes...lovely and we were sad we have to leave her behind at Chefoo Center. Hopefully we get to see her again the next time we come up here for our next retreat !

in silent prayer too...hahaha even the animal knows how to pray to God
with her eyes closed...ears attentive to the prayer said.....

Pastor Dr. David Sheddan giving her a massage ...see how 
contended she was....she not only feels comfortable, she feels safe and loved :)

have a blessed day...............

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Church Retreat # 5 - Worship Service

This is our camp Pastor , Dr. David Sheddan and he was the speaker for the worship service . Before the sermon , we had a time of singspiration and we had a wonderful time with our Lord Jesus.  Some of participants are students from China studying at the Sunway College and they joined us for our church retreat. After the sermon ended , we had the alter call for those who wanted to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and  Saviour and a few of the chinese students went up and accepted the Lord as their personal Lord and Saviour! To God be the glory....souls were saved  and that is the most important thing :)

Momsie Elin can sing besides baking and cooking :))

special prayers for those accepted Christ and those in need of prayers.....

The retreat was a success and we are all 
looking forward to the next one........
Thank You Pastor Dr. David Sheddan.

*             *            *