Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Newborns :)

This is the most exciting time in my life....the eggs have finally been hatched and the newborns snuggled against each other and with only some fine black feathers on their body especially on the wings area.  It was a joy to see new lives and not only the momsie bird is proctective but this Momsie too LOL!  I make sure the birdie Mom has flew off to get food for her babies before I took this snapshots of them. They were so cute and adorable...and when I placed the camera near them, one of the them stretch its neck and open its beak as wide as it could.....waiting for food from the birdie momsie I guess :) So cute and this is the first time that I experience watching the eggs being hatched and witnessing the growth of the baby birds in my own house compound.  And I want to be there to see the bird taking their first flight ......behold it is going to be a beautiful sight no money can buy....okay..okay  you watch them everyday on National Geograhic but here in my own house ....awww it is  AWESOME !  Here are some of the shots I took to share my joy with you : )  I thank God for this wonderful experience ....

Enjoy !

Friday, 25 March 2011

Birds Are Great Architects & Engineers !

Why do I say that birds are great architects and engineers? Because each specie of birds make nest of different shapes and sizes and they are so beautiful. This bird nest was found on the same bamboo plant , last year.  I was fascinated by the rugged look of it and took a picture but the bird and its babies flew off before I could take a  snapshot of them in the nest.  It may looks fragile but I tell you though it is hung by just a thin strand of entwined straw this nest can hold the mother bird and its two babies .  Now you get the picture why I bestowed the A and E title on them.  Strongly built to hold its babies....human make errors  ( remember our stadium roof collapsed some years back - designed by professional people ! ) but this bird built this fragile looking nest that can withstand the weight of third birds by itself and its partner maybe.  Birds don't go to university .....I stand in awe looking at this nest.   Humans build buildings they need machines and many workers , but look at this ! it was build together with just straws interwined together as reinforcement and with just its beak......they are clever aint they ? :)))

Please take note that the opening is facing the front unlike the previous
post the nest opening is on top :p  birds are great architects !

This beautiful nest reminds me again how clever and creative the birds are . Thanks to its Creator of course. I often wish I am a bird, soaring high in borderless sky...being spared the pain of worrying about what to eat and what to cook and what to wear and where the next piece of dollar going to come etc etc....humans are complicated creatures and the birds in the sky are spared from all these wordly worries  :p

 This post will be a constant reminder to me that God is indeed our Creator and Provider !

Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Seeing Nature Through The Window Of My Soul

Finally... I found a place where I can post up little things in life that makes me happy....finally , I am able to take a pause in my busy schedule and take a breath of the fresh scent of blooming flowers ...mmm heavenly .....and taking that few minutes to look around me was rewarding . My eyes sighted this beautiful little nest of straw on my bamboo plant with two beautiful eggs in it !  Imagine, the bird just weaved this little nest out of straws and so well structured that it just sit nicely between the stems of the bamboo plant.

This reminds me of God 's grace and provisions for his creations... birds in the sky are cared for too as He promised. The birds doesn't need to go for engineering and architecture course and it has a brain so small yet look at this awesome nest it build for nestling.  Amazing ! see how the straws are intertwined and the size of the nest is just perfect for the Momsie bird to sit on its eggs .A perfect round shape...with just a beak and it can make a perfect round shape nest . One word Awesome !!!!  The eggs are so beautiful like two gems waiting to be polished.   I feel that this is a perfect post to start my new blog . The coming birth of these two birds will signifies a new beginning for my new blog :)

Do drop by to take a peep at my knick knacks ...my recipe books and my kitchen accessories that delights me...... I have a treasure of them hidden and shall be sharing them with you in the posts to come...looking at things through my len is something I will be indulging in very often now :) 

a perfect round nest... by an engineeer without a degree
nor hands but with just a beak -
God's promised provisions !

two new lives waiting to emerge out ....a new beginning....

take a peep at the well weaved nest and the beautiful eggs...awesome !

the Momsie bird keeping a watchful eye on her nest  :)

Thank you God for this beautiful lesson ..
You are Awesome !

*          *          *