Friday, 25 March 2011

Birds Are Great Architects & Engineers !

Why do I say that birds are great architects and engineers? Because each specie of birds make nest of different shapes and sizes and they are so beautiful. This bird nest was found on the same bamboo plant , last year.  I was fascinated by the rugged look of it and took a picture but the bird and its babies flew off before I could take a  snapshot of them in the nest.  It may looks fragile but I tell you though it is hung by just a thin strand of entwined straw this nest can hold the mother bird and its two babies .  Now you get the picture why I bestowed the A and E title on them.  Strongly built to hold its babies....human make errors  ( remember our stadium roof collapsed some years back - designed by professional people ! ) but this bird built this fragile looking nest that can withstand the weight of third birds by itself and its partner maybe.  Birds don't go to university .....I stand in awe looking at this nest.   Humans build buildings they need machines and many workers , but look at this ! it was build together with just straws interwined together as reinforcement and with just its beak......they are clever aint they ? :)))

Please take note that the opening is facing the front unlike the previous
post the nest opening is on top :p  birds are great architects !

This beautiful nest reminds me again how clever and creative the birds are . Thanks to its Creator of course. I often wish I am a bird, soaring high in borderless sky...being spared the pain of worrying about what to eat and what to cook and what to wear and where the next piece of dollar going to come etc etc....humans are complicated creatures and the birds in the sky are spared from all these wordly worries  :p

 This post will be a constant reminder to me that God is indeed our Creator and Provider !


  1. coz the nest is built with love while the stadium is built by contractors with eyes towards profit

  2. how i wish i'm also a bird too and i think those birds must be laughing away looking at the stadium roof collapsed..

  3. Good Morning Elin

    Greetings from Southern California

    I just stopped by to say; "God Bless You and Have a Nice Day" :-)

    When you have the time come by and visit my blog :-)

  4. Kathy...yess I totally agree with you :)

    Lena....hahaha your frozen wings speak volume :)

    Ron...nice to meet you here and thanks for dropping by. Yes you have a beautiful blog and great write outs too :)

  5. love watching the birds as much as i like looking at my girl friend Jersey Girl!