Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Newborns :)

This is the most exciting time in my life....the eggs have finally been hatched and the newborns snuggled against each other and with only some fine black feathers on their body especially on the wings area.  It was a joy to see new lives and not only the momsie bird is proctective but this Momsie too LOL!  I make sure the birdie Mom has flew off to get food for her babies before I took this snapshots of them. They were so cute and adorable...and when I placed the camera near them, one of the them stretch its neck and open its beak as wide as it could.....waiting for food from the birdie momsie I guess :) So cute and this is the first time that I experience watching the eggs being hatched and witnessing the growth of the baby birds in my own house compound.  And I want to be there to see the bird taking their first flight ......behold it is going to be a beautiful sight no money can buy....okay..okay  you watch them everyday on National Geograhic but here in my own house ....awww it is  AWESOME !  Here are some of the shots I took to share my joy with you : )  I thank God for this wonderful experience ....

Enjoy !


  1. Yay! They finally hatched. I bet you will be rushing home daily to check on their condition. No cats around, right?

    P/s :The 3rd photo looks like the black chicken for cooking soup.

  2. this is amazing, elin! thanks for showing this up ..it's my first time looking at these newborn baby birds. I think it shldnt be long for them to take their first flight and see the world. watch out for it, elin..probably a week or more..i think it wld be such a joyous experience!

  3. Kathy....no cats but got dogs :( I have to tie up the dogs when the time comes. When they learn to fly they might drop on the floor and the dogs may feast on them. Thinking God send them food ;p.

    Lena...you are welcome! Yea I guess in a week they will be able to take their first flight! ; )