Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Seeing Nature Through The Window Of My Soul

Finally... I found a place where I can post up little things in life that makes me happy....finally , I am able to take a pause in my busy schedule and take a breath of the fresh scent of blooming flowers ...mmm heavenly .....and taking that few minutes to look around me was rewarding . My eyes sighted this beautiful little nest of straw on my bamboo plant with two beautiful eggs in it !  Imagine, the bird just weaved this little nest out of straws and so well structured that it just sit nicely between the stems of the bamboo plant.

This reminds me of God 's grace and provisions for his creations... birds in the sky are cared for too as He promised. The birds doesn't need to go for engineering and architecture course and it has a brain so small yet look at this awesome nest it build for nestling.  Amazing ! see how the straws are intertwined and the size of the nest is just perfect for the Momsie bird to sit on its eggs .A perfect round shape...with just a beak and it can make a perfect round shape nest . One word Awesome !!!!  The eggs are so beautiful like two gems waiting to be polished.   I feel that this is a perfect post to start my new blog . The coming birth of these two birds will signifies a new beginning for my new blog :)

Do drop by to take a peep at my knick knacks recipe books and my kitchen accessories that delights me...... I have a treasure of them hidden and shall be sharing them with you in the posts to come...looking at things through my len is something I will be indulging in very often now :) 

a perfect round nest... by an engineeer without a degree
nor hands but with just a beak -
God's promised provisions !

two new lives waiting to emerge out ....a new beginning....

take a peep at the well weaved nest and the beautiful eggs...awesome !

the Momsie bird keeping a watchful eye on her nest  :)

Thank you God for this beautiful lesson ..
You are Awesome !

*          *          *


  1. Aww ... this is a pretty awesome post. How did u get the pics btw ? were they very high up in the tree ?

  2. Jo....on our tall bamboo plant next to the window !!! God is Awesome :)

  3. elin, let me tell you that i enjoy reading these kind of posts, it extends our thinking and could even change our perception on things and people happening around us. Bird is one awesome creature as you can see from my profile photo, ha! I admire their freedom to fly and their flexibility, they build nests from scratch, anywhere! yes, i'll be dropping by here to read more abt your sharing!!

  4. Hi Lena...thank you so much for your support. I love writing and sharing events that will make people think deeper and perhaps bring joy to them by my simple write out :) Yes...I have lots to write...just pray for more hours in a day :p

  5. peep peep...hope can see the baby birds soon. A new begining new hope

  6. Kathy...thanks for dropping by. Hopefully when the baby birds are out of the shell, I can take a shot of them but I know the Momsie will be very protective...scared that she might carry the babies out of the nest and my 4 legged children will swallow them up :p

  7. Thanks for reminding me to take a pause, look around and appreciate the earth.

  8. Hi Planet,
    thanks for dropping by :) sometimes we are too busy to pause and look at things around us: )