Monday, 18 April 2011

Garden Snail - A Pest Or A Friend ?

My side garden is full of snails and they attack all my herbs plants...they ate up my Italian Parsley, my Thymes and somehow they never like rosemary so that was spared...the rest just got eaten up by them. So do you think I should make them my friends or my enemies...maybe one day I shall bbq them or cook them in curry or baked them with cheese.... tell me what should I do with them ?

and this one is trying to make friend with me...stretching out his antenae and wanting to shake hands with me !  She thinks I am her friend :)  So okay...for this once she posed for me...very vain I should say ...saw me with the cam she quickly faced me and posed such a nice one for me...

I guess she is praying hard with her head bow low...praying hard to be spared :p

and lower still so that God will spare her  :)

And this must be her grandmother on my screwpine and see how old she is....big gigantic one ! watching over her young ones all over my garden :(

and I found this beautiful red a gem on the leaves ....I truly enjoy all the little things that crawl around in my garden.   I don't know whether I should keep them or destroy them...God forgive me ...they are pest not friend....I cried when my Italian Parsley was eaten up by the snails !!! and my Basil plants too. They are smart little creatures but of course God provides for them too :)   These little creatures make me happy and at the same time is such a misery at times.  To have or not to have them around :)

I guess this will be the final chapters on nature for the time I shall touch on all my recipe precious collection that makes me a better baker :)

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  1. elin, pls dont frighten me that you want to cook them!I still think that they are pests to the garden. Aargh, just take them and carry them out from your garden..

  2. For me it's a pest.I think if put salt then it will go away

  3. For me they are pest. I remember they used to destroyed my grandma garden all the time and she hated them so much.