Thursday, 14 April 2011

I Will Soar Like The Eagles.....

And now coming to the final part of these baby birds....they soon realised that they have feathers now all over their bodies and their wings are able to flap away....after observing them for about a month now...I realise that they will soon be flying  away from their nest.   And all these brought back memories of my two Piggies when they left home to continue their studies in the city.  The above photo shows the momsie bird on the clothes line.. '.chirping  ' out to their babies to fly out of the nest.  It was the most touching and beautiful thing to witness. I didn't know that those sounds she made was to encourage her babies to fly out of the nest.

Every day she would sit on the clothes line or the front of my gate and start  'chirping ' to her babies to fly out.   On the third day, the baby birds flew out of their nest and rested on the clothes line with their mother and the mother bird flew to my curry leaves tree and the baby birds flew together to where their mother is.  Now this is a lesson to learn from the birds.  We are role models to our children and this momsie bird is doing just the same thing like us. And I really enjoyed watching them as a family, sitting on the electric cables above the houses like a happy family and the parent birds were watching over them until they can take off properly.....and you can see how happy the baby birds were when they discovered they can soar like the eagles in the sky  :)   I hope you have enjoyed watching them grow too .

This is the ' Daddy' bird ...always keeping an eye on his babies while the mother went hunting for food for the babies and  he is waiting to peck Momsie Elin when she goes about taking photos of his babies :p   I really enjoyed the last 1.5 months watching they grow.   I learned a beautiful lesson from these birds and I relate them to the bringing up of my Piggies.  How Wild Boar and myself took turns taking care of our Piggies when they were babies and teaching them the facts of life as they were growing up.  

the nest is now empty .......
 and it reminds us 
that ........when our children grow up, 
they will leave the home and venture out on their own
we as parents will be watching from afar...always ready
to be of help and giving them moral support till
we leave for the grave.......and life goes on for
them until they become parents themselves....


  1. maybe the birds will come back again next year. Wow..good photos. Must have used a lot of time and effort to take these photos

  2. Kathy....yesss a lot of time taken and compiling them for my readers to see :) I have been busy lately with office work and too tired to load up for all of you to see. But I do enjoy all this...they were like my 'babies 'for I took upon myself the role of ' godmother ' to them LOL!

  3. Wow Elin, another new blog!!! You're really something. But I like what you're posting here. Very interesting. Thanks for sharing the little story of the nature. Hope you're enjoying your evening.
    Good night,

  4. elin, it's just fascinating to be able to witness throughout. yeah, i believe that motherhood is just the same for humans as well as in animals, they take care of their babies, feed them and now knowing that they are ready to go, she will closely guide and watch them.. now that the little birds are out from their nest, they will start dancing in the air!

  5. this is very special. life is so precious and short.