Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Oregano - Latest Collection To My Herbs Plants

This is my lastest addition to my herbs planting. I love to have my own herbs plants at home, ready for plucking whenever I am in need of it. Oregano, Italian Parsley and Rosemary are the most commonly used in my household, thus planting them in pots in my own small patch of garden  is HAPPINESS in captial letters :) I have to hang this lastest addition for the snails are attacking my herbs plants.  A nuisance really !!! :(  but thank God I was smart to hang this up and it is growing well.  It has been raining heavily and now the plants in the garden looks green and clean after the heavy shower of rain...giving them a fresh look :)

Gardening is also a hobby I love beside cooking and baking. My garden is not is well kept but I do enjoy potting whenever I have the time.  I live in a small terrace house with a small side plot of land for gardening and I love greens around me thus my place is full of plants and herbs. My screwpines are growing wild and my curry leaves plant is growing into a tall tree.  Birds love my small unkept garden very much.  Every morning I see a few of them resting on my curry leaves tree and this makes me happy...nothing beats nature and I can live inside a jungle just for this but I can't live without the oven so I have to make do with this small plot of garden and I am happy to let the plants go wild for once to get the feel of nature around me.   I am looking forward to the birds building their nests on my bamboo plants again.  I love the house I live in , though it may be small but it is quite near to nature for I live near the hills  :p  

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Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Book Depository - Spring Sale

I can't get rid of my impulsive buying of cookbooks and my books are piling up as crazy as ever.  Wild Boar will be grumbling and oinking down my ears.....but thanks to Book Depository .com I spend and save.  They are having a spring sale of 10% discount on top of their already discounted books.  Take note the offer is on till END OF MAY  . I took the opportunity and ordered 3 cookbooks !!!  The spend and save policy LOL!   Here are the books I bought and now waiting patiently for the books  to arrive !

As soon as I received Around My French Table,  I shall join the group French Fridays With Dorie and I am looking forward to it.  I can't wait to bake bread from Peter Reinhart's  Artisan Bread Fast and that bon appetit desserts book.

You can order your favorite books from Book Depository by just clicking on my side bar link at the right hand side of my blog.   Remember, the spring sale is on till  END  OF MAY  !

Monday, 23 May 2011

Watercress Surprise

The other day I bought some watercress for cooking soup. I will normally soak them in salt water to kill whatever creatures in the watercress...like leeches and other worms but what a surprise to see this little cutie crawling out of the salt water  :)  Knowing me, I quickly reached out for my cam and stopped at what I was doing and started taking shots of it.  This little thing really pleases me. I wanted to see how it is going to rescue itself or find an escape route for itself.  It has a beautiful colored shell.  Sometimes I am amazed by God's creation . The minute details even the color and pattern on the shell has been carefully planned and designed.

I spent almost 30 minutes waiting patiently for it to move around and finally it slowly come out to sneak out of its shell , with its feelers stretched out to detect any enemies and slowly bit by bit the upper part of the body can be seen and that means it sensed no danger around hahahaha and finally......it became more adventurous moving around and with its feelers stretched out as much as it could .  Hahaha I really enjoyed watching how it stretched its feelers and trying to figure out where it is LOL!    I love the colors of its shell. Reminds me of the Tiger Eye gemstone.  Beautiful !!!

This is so cool, I managed to gather a few nice shots of this small specie of
garden snail and this proves that watercress is not covered in pesticides :)

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Friday, 20 May 2011

Piggies Magnet - A Gift From Piggy Cuz

My cousin knows I heart anything with Piggies on it , be it on a plate , cutting board , toothpick holder or even pepper , salt shaker or even fridge magnets . I adore this pair of piggies magnet and have added them to my collection of magnets . She bought this pair of cuties from UK.  I have a weakness for stuff with these cuties on it.   They make me happy for they remind me of my two Piggies in KL LOL!   Those days I used these magnets for holding my handwritten cake recipes which I am going to bake for the week but now I uses my Ipod Touch ...much more convenient and save papers too...so these cuties are now place on the fridge door for decoration purposes  :p

Thanks Piggy Cuz for these cuties :) and buy back more on your next trip :p

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Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Mother's Day Gift And A Post Dedicated To Momsie Elin

Words cannot described how happy it is to receive these pair of kitchen accessories form my Piggies for Mother's Day.  Silicone brush and spatula...love them to bits. I have been eyeing them and wanting to buy when I saw them at the  Pavilion the last time I went there but did not buy them coz it was pricey for just a spatula and brush .  But the Piggies observed and KIV them as Mother's Day gift .  You can guess , how delighted I am to receive them not because they are pricey stuff but the thoughts they have for me...knowing that I would love to add these cute silicone accessories to my collection of silicon bakeware :)))))  Thanks Josh and Jo for the thoughts and the gift :)

Love their vibrant colors and I won't loose them for I surely be able to track them with their super nice and bright colors :p  The Piggies are so sweet and they deserve a good dinner when they come back for their semester break :)  Thank you Piggies...I love them to bits needless to say....maybe you can add more to my collection of silicone wares for my coming birthday ! LOL!

And Piggy Joanna has dedicated a Mother's Day post for me
on her blog and tagged me ........
this is a  must watch
video for Mother's Day wish

*  Awwww...she is so sweet and thank you Piggy Jo for this !