Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Mother's Day Gift And A Post Dedicated To Momsie Elin

Words cannot described how happy it is to receive these pair of kitchen accessories form my Piggies for Mother's Day.  Silicone brush and them to bits. I have been eyeing them and wanting to buy when I saw them at the  Pavilion the last time I went there but did not buy them coz it was pricey for just a spatula and brush .  But the Piggies observed and KIV them as Mother's Day gift .  You can guess , how delighted I am to receive them not because they are pricey stuff but the thoughts they have for me...knowing that I would love to add these cute silicone accessories to my collection of silicon bakeware :)))))  Thanks Josh and Jo for the thoughts and the gift :)

Love their vibrant colors and I won't loose them for I surely be able to track them with their super nice and bright colors :p  The Piggies are so sweet and they deserve a good dinner when they come back for their semester break :)  Thank you Piggies...I love them to bits needless to say....maybe you can add more to my collection of silicone wares for my coming birthday ! LOL!

And Piggy Joanna has dedicated a Mother's Day post for me
on her blog and tagged me ........
this is a  must watch
video for Mother's Day wish

*  Awwww...she is so sweet and thank you Piggy Jo for this !


  1. A great gift is something that the receiver wanted.

  2. so thoughtful of your kids..already kiv this for you! that video is so sweet..the mama not bad eh..can still make emoticons!