Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Oregano - Latest Collection To My Herbs Plants

This is my lastest addition to my herbs planting. I love to have my own herbs plants at home, ready for plucking whenever I am in need of it. Oregano, Italian Parsley and Rosemary are the most commonly used in my household, thus planting them in pots in my own small patch of garden  is HAPPINESS in captial letters :) I have to hang this lastest addition for the snails are attacking my herbs plants.  A nuisance really !!! :(  but thank God I was smart to hang this up and it is growing well.  It has been raining heavily and now the plants in the garden looks green and clean after the heavy shower of rain...giving them a fresh look :)

Gardening is also a hobby I love beside cooking and baking. My garden is not is well kept but I do enjoy potting whenever I have the time.  I live in a small terrace house with a small side plot of land for gardening and I love greens around me thus my place is full of plants and herbs. My screwpines are growing wild and my curry leaves plant is growing into a tall tree.  Birds love my small unkept garden very much.  Every morning I see a few of them resting on my curry leaves tree and this makes me happy...nothing beats nature and I can live inside a jungle just for this but I can't live without the oven so I have to make do with this small plot of garden and I am happy to let the plants go wild for once to get the feel of nature around me.   I am looking forward to the birds building their nests on my bamboo plants again.  I love the house I live in , though it may be small but it is quite near to nature for I live near the hills  :p  

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  1. ooo...the plant looks so "happy". My SIL sure love your garden. She loves to plant herbs and fruits too

  2. elin, i'm sure it also smells so nice when you walk out to your garden with so many herbs around.