Friday, 20 May 2011

Piggies Magnet - A Gift From Piggy Cuz

My cousin knows I heart anything with Piggies on it , be it on a plate , cutting board , toothpick holder or even pepper , salt shaker or even fridge magnets . I adore this pair of piggies magnet and have added them to my collection of magnets . She bought this pair of cuties from UK.  I have a weakness for stuff with these cuties on it.   They make me happy for they remind me of my two Piggies in KL LOL!   Those days I used these magnets for holding my handwritten cake recipes which I am going to bake for the week but now I uses my Ipod Touch ...much more convenient and save papers these cuties are now place on the fridge door for decoration purposes  :p

Thanks Piggy Cuz for these cuties :) and buy back more on your next trip :p

*          *          *


  1. madam, you also like cute things huh?

  2. Hi,nice collection,..welcome to my blogs,for fridge magnet collection