Monday, 23 May 2011

Watercress Surprise

The other day I bought some watercress for cooking soup. I will normally soak them in salt water to kill whatever creatures in the leeches and other worms but what a surprise to see this little cutie crawling out of the salt water  :)  Knowing me, I quickly reached out for my cam and stopped at what I was doing and started taking shots of it.  This little thing really pleases me. I wanted to see how it is going to rescue itself or find an escape route for itself.  It has a beautiful colored shell.  Sometimes I am amazed by God's creation . The minute details even the color and pattern on the shell has been carefully planned and designed.

I spent almost 30 minutes waiting patiently for it to move around and finally it slowly come out to sneak out of its shell , with its feelers stretched out to detect any enemies and slowly bit by bit the upper part of the body can be seen and that means it sensed no danger around hahahaha and became more adventurous moving around and with its feelers stretched out as much as it could .  Hahaha I really enjoyed watching how it stretched its feelers and trying to figure out where it is LOL!    I love the colors of its shell. Reminds me of the Tiger Eye gemstone.  Beautiful !!!

This is so cool, I managed to gather a few nice shots of this small specie of
garden snail and this proves that watercress is not covered in pesticides :)

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  1. too cooked this soup the other day. Ya a lot of ahem ahem on the leaves. Found caterpillars too