Monday, 20 June 2011

Bon Appétit Desserts - Barbara Fairchild

Bon  Appétit Desserts by Barbara Fairchild is a must have for those who love desserts. It is a cookbook for all things sweet and wonderful.  I saw this book on Book Depository when I was ordering my ' Around My French Table ' by Dorie Greenspan.  Read the review on it and I am sold !  I knew I just had to order it together with my other books.  There are many simple and delicious dessert recipes from this book that will have me glued to it.  I love every single recipes in it and the book arrived realy this month and I am now the proud owner of this book :)

This review is taken from amazon .com

" We have always enjoyed the dessert recipes in Bon Appetit magazine so a purchase and review of the cookbook was not a question of if, but when. The Desserts cookbook is big, with quality printing and good color photos. The layout is easy to follow and we thought the use of whisks instead of stars to indicate the complexity of the recipe was creative. 

The books begins with pantry and equipment suggestions and then techniques which might be helpful to many. The techniques sections uses illustrations where I believe pictures would have been better. For example, showing dough textures on page 37 is meaningless to the reader. We would suggest that the editor change this in the next version. From here we move to the recipes that starts with cakes. 

There does not seem to be any order to how the recipes are organized in each section. There are subsections (example 5 in cakes), but if this was targeted for a large audience then perhaps sections should have started with the one whisk recipes and then moved to the four whisk recipes in each section. The pictures are well done but limited in scope. We have all seen magazines begin to have a light table grid of recipe pictures that could have played well here. At the beginning of each section they could have a 9 photo grid of each recipe and then cut back on the full page pictures. I enjoy pictures and cookbooks can always be lacking in too few of them. Pictures make me want to make the recipe. 

The tips and layout of the recipes are good. The recipes selections would keep one entertained in desserts for quite a while with many visits to the treadmill. Our first recipe was a Cranberry Lime tart that did not disappoint. The holiday season will bring some other trials. Lime Snowball cookies looks interesting but it does require lime oil. We actually expected to find more recipes with uncommon ingredients but were pleased that they minimized their inclusion. " 


I highly recommend sweet lovers and  aspiring bakers to get this book. It is a compilation of recipes  from the magazines Bon Appétit Desserts . Every kind of dessert is covered- cakes and cupcakes; pies, tarts and pastries; custards and puddings, fruit desserts, frozen desserts, cookies , bars and brownies, candy and even a chapter is devoted on cheesecake.  A great cookbook that I think every aspiring baker should buy :)  Now that I have this book in hand , I will have no problem making dessert for pot bless dinner , I can find it all in this one book.  It comes in hardcover with 689 pages and 600 over mouth watering recipes.

There is a 10% discount from Book Depository - Summer sale - just click the shortcut link on the sidebar and it will lead you to the BD website.

Have fun and a blessed Monday !

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Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Artisan Breads Every Day - Peter Reinhart

Yay!!! after waiting for almost 3 weeks, Peter Reinhart's Artisan Breads Every Day finally arrived safely yesterday , after being opened and investigated by the Kenterian Dalam Negeri  ( Ministry Of Home Affairs ) before being released out :(  Random check because the other two books did not suffer the faith of being investigated :p  Anyway , after weeks of anxiety when the book will arrive, I am so H A P P Y  * dancing with feet on air ....that it finally arrived safely and at last get to hold that bread book this book !  Pei Lin of  Dodol & Mochi - Where East Meets West - recommended me this book - Thank you, Pei Lin for the recommendation. She is so right....I can't help it but to carry it to office with the colorful step by step illustrations  :)  Can't wait to try all the recipes out :)

Now I have two of Peter Reinhart's bread book.....the first is The Bread Baker's Apprentice which is good with lessons on basic bread making. I enjoyed reading through the contents and this second one , I will be holding it every way I go .....can't wait to absorb in every word from Peter Reinhart. His tips are very useful and I believe I will improve in bread making as times go by . Practice makes perfect is one motto in life that I adhere to.  

Peter Reinhart is America's favorite baking instructor and innovator and  he offers new time-saving techniques accompanied by full-color, step-by-step photos throughout so that in no time I will be producing fresh batches of bread and rolls and buns and biscuits everyday !!!  Artisan Breads Every Day is a good bread book that I would love to recommend to those who love bread making.  Below are some peeks into the book which I took for you to have an idea what is inside this book.  The 10% offer is still on if you are interested to get them from Book Depository.  Summer Sale is still can order your books through my side bar link :)

These are the latest cookbooks I bought from Book Depository
You tell me...I am HAPPY or not ????? LOL! 
and I have a few more in my wish list * muahahahaha

Have a blessed day.......

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Around My French Table By Dorie Greenspan

I have this thing (  a magnetic force ) with cooking books , I must never set my sight on them or I will want to possess them by hook or by crook !! When it comes to books I can be an impulsive buyer too!  I must never enter a book shop for , I shall not leave the shop without a cookbook :p   Now that I can purchase book from Book Depository it is even worse.... I will click click and click ...see my fingers are impulsive too !!!  Thus, that was how I clicked for  3 cooking books just last month itself , for BD had an editional 10% discount coupons on books that are already on offers...who could resist such attractive offer....NOT ME for sure LOL!   Till date I have received only two of the books I ordered and the other one by Peter Reinhart's ' Artisan Breads Fast ' is either travelling on space or got stuck in the custom office :(  

This is the book I am most excited about....I love Dorie Greenspan book and am a great fan of hers :)   Around My French Table is her lastest cookbook and I have been drooling over it for some time and since BD had this wonderful offer, I just clicked on it and 2 weeks later,  it is now sitting next to ' Baking From My Home To Yours  ' another wonderful  baking book by  Dorie.   Yay !  hopefully now I can join Friday French With Dorie club :)  Praying for more time to relax in my kitchen with Dorie :)  Love all the recipes in it and I know for sure I will die a happy woman now :p

Lots of delicious recipe in it and I do not have to go to France to enjoy a good french dish...I can have it at home now :p   Lot this book to bits...with over 300 over french recipes...dishes and desserts.  All in one book.  I only have to pay USD 35.88 for this book with over 300 french recipes.  I can't wait to try out the recipes :)

this is another one of Dorie's book that I heart very much :)

so happy that I have both her books now to my collection :)

This is what makes my happy..............a day I shall rejoice and be glad in it
when the other book arrived then I shall rejoice even more and I shall
share it with you here......

stay tuned I will show you the other book
Bon Appetit Dessert  which  arrived a few days ago :)

*   dancing in the air now  :)

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