Thursday, 9 June 2011

Around My French Table By Dorie Greenspan

I have this thing (  a magnetic force ) with cooking books , I must never set my sight on them or I will want to possess them by hook or by crook !! When it comes to books I can be an impulsive buyer too!  I must never enter a book shop for , I shall not leave the shop without a cookbook :p   Now that I can purchase book from Book Depository it is even worse.... I will click click and click ...see my fingers are impulsive too !!!  Thus, that was how I clicked for  3 cooking books just last month itself , for BD had an editional 10% discount coupons on books that are already on offers...who could resist such attractive offer....NOT ME for sure LOL!   Till date I have received only two of the books I ordered and the other one by Peter Reinhart's ' Artisan Breads Fast ' is either travelling on space or got stuck in the custom office :(  

This is the book I am most excited about....I love Dorie Greenspan book and am a great fan of hers :)   Around My French Table is her lastest cookbook and I have been drooling over it for some time and since BD had this wonderful offer, I just clicked on it and 2 weeks later,  it is now sitting next to ' Baking From My Home To Yours  ' another wonderful  baking book by  Dorie.   Yay !  hopefully now I can join Friday French With Dorie club :)  Praying for more time to relax in my kitchen with Dorie :)  Love all the recipes in it and I know for sure I will die a happy woman now :p

Lots of delicious recipe in it and I do not have to go to France to enjoy a good french dish...I can have it at home now :p   Lot this book to bits...with over 300 over french recipes...dishes and desserts.  All in one book.  I only have to pay USD 35.88 for this book with over 300 french recipes.  I can't wait to try out the recipes :)

this is another one of Dorie's book that I heart very much :)

so happy that I have both her books now to my collection :)

This is what makes my happy..............a day I shall rejoice and be glad in it
when the other book arrived then I shall rejoice even more and I shall
share it with you here......

stay tuned I will show you the other book
Bon Appetit Dessert  which  arrived a few days ago :)

*   dancing in the air now  :)

*         *         *


  1. hey lady, dont just read.. put them into practice! *wink*

  2. hey, i get tempted already looking at the cover of the "baking from my home to yours " oledi!

  3. Claire...don't worry. I will be working on them soon :)

    Lena..wait till you read thru the will be bewitched !!! LOL!