Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Artisan Breads Every Day - Peter Reinhart

Yay!!! after waiting for almost 3 weeks, Peter Reinhart's Artisan Breads Every Day finally arrived safely yesterday , after being opened and investigated by the Kenterian Dalam Negeri  ( Ministry Of Home Affairs ) before being released out :(  Random check because the other two books did not suffer the faith of being investigated :p  Anyway , after weeks of anxiety when the book will arrive, I am so H A P P Y  * dancing with feet on air ....that it finally arrived safely and at last get to hold that bread book this book !  Pei Lin of  Dodol & Mochi - Where East Meets West - recommended me this book - Thank you, Pei Lin for the recommendation. She is so right....I can't help it but to carry it to office with the colorful step by step illustrations  :)  Can't wait to try all the recipes out :)

Now I have two of Peter Reinhart's bread book.....the first is The Bread Baker's Apprentice which is good with lessons on basic bread making. I enjoyed reading through the contents and this second one , I will be holding it every way I go .....can't wait to absorb in every word from Peter Reinhart. His tips are very useful and I believe I will improve in bread making as times go by . Practice makes perfect is one motto in life that I adhere to.  

Peter Reinhart is America's favorite baking instructor and innovator and  he offers new time-saving techniques accompanied by full-color, step-by-step photos throughout so that in no time I will be producing fresh batches of bread and rolls and buns and biscuits everyday !!!  Artisan Breads Every Day is a good bread book that I would love to recommend to those who love bread making.  Below are some peeks into the book which I took for you to have an idea what is inside this book.  The 10% offer is still on if you are interested to get them from Book Depository.  Summer Sale is still can order your books through my side bar link :)

These are the latest cookbooks I bought from Book Depository
You tell me...I am HAPPY or not ????? LOL! 
and I have a few more in my wish list * muahahahaha

Have a blessed day.......


  1. finally it has arrived!! hey elin, imagine we read and carry our school books around all the time like our cookbooks, we would all have passed with flying colours, maybe professor already! lol!

  2. Hahaha...yea yea....I carry my cookbook to office..but at the time la coz it is kinda heavy !! the bon appetit is a good buy :)) love every one of it. Now book marking which I am going to try out first :p

  3. So, I guess more bread making is coming after this! All the best, Elin.

  4. Kristy...hahaha yea...more to come :) keeping my fingers hook on dramas :p