Friday, 1 July 2011

Piggy Shaped Soap Holder

My Dearest Piggy Cuz...thank you so much for this cute and lovely soap holder in the shape of a Piggy. Love the sweet color and your constant thoughts of what I like. Each time you see a Piggy shaped stuff, you never fail to buy them for me. I have a good collection of Piggies stuff through years of receiving them as gifts  from you :)  Baking for you is a pleasure and I hope I can continue to go on baking for you  for your performing parties held for your music students :)  Receiving this gift is a have managed to make me feel like a child again.  Can't wait to see what is being wrapped up in that beautiful wrapping with the lovely ribbons and fragrant expensive soap :) Thank you  dear cousin.....keep them coming LOL :p

I love this cute fella  !!!!!!!
and this is one cute fella that can make me happy
all day !

Have a nice weekend......hugs and muax to you Piggy Cuz :)

* blowing the kisses across to you.....quick quick catch it before it is blown away :))))

*           *         *


  1. Hahahaha! I don't believe you actually blogged about the soap dish!!! My gosh! You must really love it! I am so glad :) Am always happy to get these piggy stuff for you. Yes, more will be coming your way............ just you wait! Hugs -- Piggy Cuz