Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Super Cute Piggy Head Pens - Momentos From Piggy Cuz

These Piggy Head Ball Pen Momentos were given to my two Piggies, Jo and Josh by my Piggy Cuz :) what a mouthful. Piggy Cuz taught them piano when my Piggies were age 4 .  She used to shower them with little gifts when they do well in their theory and practical exams.  Most of the time they scored distinctions on both thus they have a drawer full of little gifts collected through out their music lessons....that make my Piggies happy and they continued to strive to do well in their music exam .....and Piggy Cuz still shower them with gifts today despite the fact that they are now in their twenties :p 

I could not resist taking a shot of them , thus without their permission , I took them out and photoshoot them for my own pleasure.....awwww I just could not keep my hands off them.  They were two gorgeous pig head ball pens and that  ' smile ' ...ohhh reminded me of my two Piggies in KL :p  SUPER CUTE  !!!!

I even stole them for my food presentation LOL! They are models for my food photography...they sure looked good in my food photos :)  Thanks Piggy Cuz and my two Piggies for lending me these two cute Piggy heads LOL!  They are SUPER GOOD LOOKING ....... their  S M I L E S make me HAPPY for today...hope you too manage to catch their infectious smile.........

Have a wonderful day...a   S M I L E  a day keeps you young and happy !

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