Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Church Retreat #7 - Cactus Farm @ Brinchang Cactus Valley

This is the Cactus Farm that we visited on the  last day of the retreat ,our way back to Ipoh . I am not a big fan of cactus thus not many pictures were taken of the place :p  The cactus plants were huge and most probably of the cold weather that contributed to the growth of this cactus plant.  Many of my friends bought home a plant or two but for me , I did not buy any back but I did buy back many potted herbs plants which I am going to share in my next post.  I have been busy with so me church activities thus for my lack of posts here :p  but I shall try to update my blog more.  I shall be rounding up my last post tomorrow on the church retreat.  You must be bored reading only about the retreat :)  so my last retreat post will be a visit to the Fragrance Farm...stay tuned !

this is quite cute...shaped like a hand held paper fan

these are the more common ones but when you see them in
groups they do look pretty

and this cactus.... the color is pleasant...
love this but I did not buy any though

don't they look pretty ?  A sea of them with different shade
of colors....love the orangy colored ones...beautiful

Monday, 15 August 2011

Church Retreat # 6 - Found A New Friend :)

Made a new friend there at the retreat....she is cute ..isn't she???  She is friendly and gentle. And she is playful too.  Followed us wherever we went and guess what ? We found out that she can pray too...hahaha  amazingly!!!   look at the 3rd last picture. The youths were praying before a game and look at her...she prays too :p  She has clear blue eyes...lovely and we were sad we have to leave her behind at Chefoo Center. Hopefully we get to see her again the next time we come up here for our next retreat !

in silent prayer too...hahaha even the animal knows how to pray to God
with her eyes closed...ears attentive to the prayer said.....

Pastor Dr. David Sheddan giving her a massage ...see how 
contended she was....she not only feels comfortable, she feels safe and loved :)

have a blessed day...............

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Church Retreat # 5 - Worship Service

This is our camp Pastor , Dr. David Sheddan and he was the speaker for the worship service . Before the sermon , we had a time of singspiration and we had a wonderful time with our Lord Jesus.  Some of participants are students from China studying at the Sunway College and they joined us for our church retreat. After the sermon ended , we had the alter call for those who wanted to accept Jesus Christ as their Lord and  Saviour and a few of the chinese students went up and accepted the Lord as their personal Lord and Saviour! To God be the glory....souls were saved  and that is the most important thing :)

Momsie Elin can sing besides baking and cooking :))

special prayers for those accepted Christ and those in need of prayers.....

The retreat was a success and we are all 
looking forward to the next one........
Thank You Pastor Dr. David Sheddan.

*             *            *

Monday, 8 August 2011

Church Retreat #4 - Marble Game

The sunday school teachers have to crack their heads to think of several games for the kids during the retreat . Children get bored easily so WB came up with this marble game ...this marble game was popular during his era when he was a kid :p  Today's kids play with computer games most of the time and marble game is something new to them.....BUT there is a bible story behind this game.... :p  this is the best way to blend a game and a bible story together and at the same time have the kids full attentions :) Smart teachers !!

girls love the game too :) so who say marbles are for boys???

but there is one chap here more interested 
in the children's playground equipment LOL!

*            *          *

Thursday, 4 August 2011

Church Retreat #3 - Green View Garden, Brinchang

Our first stop reaching Brinchang , Cameron Highlands - Green View Garden...where the strawberry farm is, next to the strawberry farm is the flower garden. They have many beautiful flowers , big and variant colored ones...so pleasing to the eyes and the soul .  I was so happy , surrounded by flowers , asked my dear church chum to take a shot of me :p   It was quite breezy as you can see  , my scarf blown to one side :)  And looking at this picture, I realised I have put on weight :)  whereas my chummy friend Vivien is all slim and pretty :)  ( Vivien , you have to give me a good treat after this :p  )  She is a fun lady , vibrant and behave young though she is a few years older than me , a good cook...ohhh talking of that, I have to squeeze her of her secret recipes.  She cooks for our pot bless , her famous south indian curry  and no matter how hard I tried making her sleeep talk her recipe ....I was not successful at all..... LOL! shhhhhhh..........

love you Vivien...you make me feel young again :)

this turkey is huge and friendly...wild chickens looking so healthy that
I feel like kidnapping them and stuff them  inside my bag
so that we can have bbq turkey and chicken......great idea
next trip I think I will do that.......
Lord, forgive me for having such thoughts :)

more pictures coming ............

stay tuned !

*           *         *

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Church Retreat # 2

We started journey from Ipoh at 9am and arrived in Cameron Highlands at 11am where we stopped at Greenviews Garden/ Farm to stretch our legs and for some searching for the restrooms.  I will show you some of the pictures I took there in my next post. It is a place where they grow strawberries and  many beautiful flowers and they even have a cage up place for turkey and jungle chickens...not for sale of course .    We can only check in at Chefoo Center , Brinchang , at  2pm, so we have a bit of time to visit this Greenview Garden and some of us bought cooked corns and strawberries from this place.  A light meal to pacify the stomach while waiting for lunch :)  The corns were so sweet.....selling for RM3.50 per corn...expensive ???  The uncooked ones are selling for RM2.50 per corn :)   We stopped for just an hour and proceeded up to Brinchang town where we had our lunch... I will show you what we had at the restaurant in Brinchang.....watch out for it...I will be sharing about the lunch on my other blog - Elinluv's Tidbits Corner :)

We checked in at 2pm and on the way to our assigned chalet up the hill, I managed to snap some beautiful flowers along the way :)  Will be sharing on the programmes we had when we were there....WB and myself had a wonderful time with the other church members ...enjoyed ourselves much as you will see from the pictures I will be sharing in my next post.

more pictures in my next post , stay tuned :)

*           *          *

Church Retreat @ Methodist Centennial Chefoo Center , Cameron Highlands

Wild Boar and myself  went for a church retreat to Cameron Highlands on the 30th July . The church booked Methodist Centennial Chefoo Center for our retreat.  We were looking forward to this short break and who doesn't love Cameron Highlands ??? ...the weather is cool and breezy and the air is fresh and the moment we arrived at Methodist Centennial Center, we were assigned to our respective chalets. Ours was high up the hill and we love the cold air...mmmm  the programmes for the day was packed and we had no time to really look around until the next day.  But since I was the photographer for the day , I managed to steal some time to take some beautiful pictures of the place of your eyes....will tell more of the programmes in my next post. We had a wonderful time together as a family of God :)   We had about 60 people for the retreat - 30th July till 31st July...have to bring to the attention of the councils that we should have at least 2 nights and 3 days for a church retreat.... :)

love the tranquil and serene scene....

this is the worship hall with our church retreat theme
" Everything Was Done So You Would Come "

this the guest house for Pastors who want some quiet time off for themselves
before preaching :)

love the simple design .....architecture is in my blood besides
cooking and baking :)

side view of the guest house....

Wild Boar and myself are looking forward to another church retreat....

Will be sharing more of our retreat here at
Methodist Centennial Chefoo Center
in my next post :)

*            *            *