Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Church Retreat # 2

We started journey from Ipoh at 9am and arrived in Cameron Highlands at 11am where we stopped at Greenviews Garden/ Farm to stretch our legs and for some searching for the restrooms.  I will show you some of the pictures I took there in my next post. It is a place where they grow strawberries and  many beautiful flowers and they even have a cage up place for turkey and jungle chickens...not for sale of course .    We can only check in at Chefoo Center , Brinchang , at  2pm, so we have a bit of time to visit this Greenview Garden and some of us bought cooked corns and strawberries from this place.  A light meal to pacify the stomach while waiting for lunch :)  The corns were so sweet.....selling for RM3.50 per corn...expensive ???  The uncooked ones are selling for RM2.50 per corn :)   We stopped for just an hour and proceeded up to Brinchang town where we had our lunch... I will show you what we had at the restaurant in Brinchang.....watch out for it...I will be sharing about the lunch on my other blog - Elinluv's Tidbits Corner :)

We checked in at 2pm and on the way to our assigned chalet up the hill, I managed to snap some beautiful flowers along the way :)  Will be sharing on the programmes we had when we were there....WB and myself had a wonderful time with the other church members ...enjoyed ourselves much as you will see from the pictures I will be sharing in my next post.

more pictures in my next post , stay tuned :)

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  1. Wow. So pretty the flowers !! :)

  2. I remember my church used to hold this type of retreats at Cameron Highlonds too but at the Convent at Tanah Rata. We just love going there :) RM3.50 for a corn is way too expensive. Here we get 6 corns for $1.00.

  3. Jo....you will be going for your church camp this month so you will also get to enjoy the cold fresh air and the beautiful scenery :)

    Kathy...yea beautiful bird of paradise :)

    Gertrude...yea CH is a right place for church retreat...cold weather and the beautiful scenery will really lift one up...physically and spiritually...doing devotion there is great...really ! You must go there again when you are back. The corns are tourist price but you know ppl don't mind paying coz by the time they reached Brinchang ,they will be so hungry :) Everything is expensive in Malaysia even though the corns are planted there, they still charge us so expensive. If I have a choice, I rather choose US to be home where corns, berries are cheap and what more the cheese cream is cheap too...hahaha I want to stay there for a while to enjoy the cheap stuff there * wink

  4. maybe slightly more expensive than here but after all , when you go for holidays, will be expecting that too. I'm sure after the retreat, you are now feeling good and energetic, i think it's really nice to go for retreats or get together, to share love and kindness.