Thursday, 4 August 2011

Church Retreat #3 - Green View Garden, Brinchang

Our first stop reaching Brinchang , Cameron Highlands - Green View Garden...where the strawberry farm is, next to the strawberry farm is the flower garden. They have many beautiful flowers , big and variant colored pleasing to the eyes and the soul .  I was so happy , surrounded by flowers , asked my dear church chum to take a shot of me :p   It was quite breezy as you can see  , my scarf blown to one side :)  And looking at this picture, I realised I have put on weight :)  whereas my chummy friend Vivien is all slim and pretty :)  ( Vivien , you have to give me a good treat after this :p  )  She is a fun lady , vibrant and behave young though she is a few years older than me , a good cook...ohhh talking of that, I have to squeeze her of her secret recipes.  She cooks for our pot bless , her famous south indian curry  and no matter how hard I tried making her sleeep talk her recipe ....I was not successful at all..... LOL! shhhhhhh..........

love you make me feel young again :)

this turkey is huge and friendly...wild chickens looking so healthy that
I feel like kidnapping them and stuff them  inside my bag
so that we can have bbq turkey and chicken......great idea
next trip I think I will do that.......
Lord, forgive me for having such thoughts :)

more pictures coming ............

stay tuned !

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