Monday, 8 August 2011

Church Retreat #4 - Marble Game

The sunday school teachers have to crack their heads to think of several games for the kids during the retreat . Children get bored easily so WB came up with this marble game ...this marble game was popular during his era when he was a kid :p  Today's kids play with computer games most of the time and marble game is something new to them.....BUT there is a bible story behind this game.... :p  this is the best way to blend a game and a bible story together and at the same time have the kids full attentions :) Smart teachers !!

girls love the game too :) so who say marbles are for boys???

but there is one chap here more interested 
in the children's playground equipment LOL!

*            *          *


  1. those kids even brought marbles? i wonder what do they do with their marbles if not for this marble game.. if you ask me now, i cant even think of an outdoor game for kids, other than those racquet and ball games..

  2., the teachers brought those marbles for the games which incorporate the bible story...wish I could have sat with the kids ...more relaxing than being a group leader :)

    The kids have never seen marbles ...that is why some of them enjoyed themselves much.