Monday, 15 August 2011

Church Retreat # 6 - Found A New Friend :)

Made a new friend there at the retreat....she is cute ..isn't she???  She is friendly and gentle. And she is playful too.  Followed us wherever we went and guess what ? We found out that she can pray too...hahaha  amazingly!!!   look at the 3rd last picture. The youths were praying before a game and look at her...she prays too :p  She has clear blue eyes...lovely and we were sad we have to leave her behind at Chefoo Center. Hopefully we get to see her again the next time we come up here for our next retreat !

in silent prayer too...hahaha even the animal knows how to pray to God
with her eyes closed...ears attentive to the prayer said.....

Pastor Dr. David Sheddan giving her a massage ...see how 
contended she was....she not only feels comfortable, she feels safe and loved :)

have a blessed day...............


  1. I think she is praying that she can follow you all home

  2. great shot of the cat 'praying'!

  3. You've got a new friend.. take it home and befriend "Baby" ... hahhaa...