Monday, 31 October 2011

An Awesome Sight To Behold !

I can't believe my eyes when I saw this para glider gliding towards my office building, as I was making my cup of hot drink in my office pantry. I was stirring my drink and looking out of the window ! Wow...what an awesome sight. I quickly ran back to my place, grab my camera and start shooting away.  I zoomed in as much as my camera permits ( my old faithful camera  can't really take a good picture that far but no complaints , it serves me well though :p  )  I wish I was up there gliding in the air like an eagle soaring up high ....this happens to be a powered one. Powered paragliding is the simplest, most portable and possibly the safest way to get into the air.  I am envious ...I too want to paraglide into the air free and I am sure these paragliders are enjoying themselves looking down at beautiful Ipoh :)    The weather was fine and I spent about 30 minutes shooting them in the air....of course , my boss didn't know that I was not at my desk working and slogging away but enjoying shooting these human birds with my camera  LOL!  Just sharing here with you some real action here :)    After a while, 3 more gliders were seen nearby and here are some of the shots I can see they were enjoying the scenery below them and I was there ogling up at them  through my cam :p

this is what I treasure most................
I carry my camera with me wherever I go, so that I can capture
some nice moments and have them posted here in my Knick Knacks corner !

Have a wonderful day !


  1. wow.....just like those at Putrajaya during the Hot AIr Balloon show. Lucky your . Can snap the pic so fast

  2. the last few ones were pretty close! didnt you wave to them? haha!