Thursday, 27 October 2011

Fragrance Farm ,Cameron Highland

This post is long overdue :p  I have been been pretty busy lately and now I can take a deep breathe and write this post .... we visited this Fragrance Farm on our way back from Cameron Highland retreat.  Gosh, I wish I work here...the air is fresh, chilly and the scenery is great. Surrounded by hills and this farm sells mostly herbs plants. They even have grapes growing there. But not for selling, the owner grow them for own consumption :) From mint to parsley, rosemary, lavender, lemon balm , fennel, dill, thyme, oregano , basil and sweet basil and lots more ,  some of which  I know they will not grow on lowland.  I bought back 5 types of herb plants which only  three survived till date :p  Okay..okay...I am do not have green fingers :) but luckily my rosemary , sweet basil and rosemary are growing well, the fennel and thyme died on me.  It is hard to grow thyme. They hardly can survive on lowland. I tried many times to grow them..I give up on them and whenever I really need them, I will buy them from Jusco our local supermarket .

This farm worker is so happy I wanted to take a snap of him :)  hahaha I guess not many would want to take a picture of him :p just the same , when I asked him whether he mind me taking a picture of him , he just smile not understanding what I asked of him...I just point to my camera and he that means YES !!! shoot away LOL! here you are ...a picture of the handsome worker :)

moss parsley...selling for RM9 per pot

lavender and rosemary selling for RM10 per pot

oregano selling at RM10

bird's eye chilli selling for RM10 per pot

dill selling for RM10 per pot

italian parsley selling for RM10 per pot

dill which I bought from the farm

thyme, I bought for RM9 after some bargaining but died on me
after two weeks :(

fennel died on me after a week :)
wasted my RM10

lemon balm....bought it for RM9 after bargaining
growing well...easy to plant...I used a few leaves each time
I brew my tea

Have a nice day :)


  1. Plants fare better in Cameron. Dont know la. each time buy and bring down sure die punya :(

  2. Kathy.....I spend lots of money buying herbs plant but most of them died on me after a few weeks;( yea I guess our lowland weather not suitable for them.

  3. Hi! Can I know where is the farm located? Planning to visit there with my family next month . Thanks.

  4. Omochi...sorry for the late reply. I can't tell the exact location . You have to ask the people there for this farm. It is called Fragrance Farm