Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Animal Picks From Daiso, The Curve

When I saw this on Zurin's blog , I fell head over heel in love with these cute super cute animal picks.  Thank God she disclosed where she found them and I quickly called up my Piggy Jo and told her to get me some  on her next trip to Daiso, The Curve and I have to straight away used them on my recent birthday cake :)  They are super cute ...aren't they ???  and that pair of Piggies....LOL! reminds me of my two Piggies !  Thank you Piggy Jo for gifting them to me. I love them and shall be using them to the fullest in my bento :) and they wont have time to sleep in their cozy box ! :p   They are versatile...you can use them on cakes as decoration or use them to pick on your fruits and firm jelly and not least as deco on your bento :)

Cute Cute Super Cute and they make my days brighter with their
adorable faces !!!!

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Friday, 4 November 2011

Phone Decorative Chain - Cute Piggies

Anyone who knows me well enough will know that I am a sucker for cute Piggies decorative stuff....anything with the Piggies icon on it ...I am sold ! So you can imagine the collection of Piggies stuff in the house.  And my dear Cuz Piggy will be helping me in my collection.   Each time she travels oversea, she will surely keep an eye on this Piggies related stuff and bring home one or two items for me and this is an example !   This is a phone decorative chain with two Piggies !  So darn cute.... :)  So adorable !

I have received many of such items from her.....wait.... let me think and see what else she gave me with Piggies face in them.....cutting board with the Piggy face, container with Piggy face, ballpens with Piggy face, comb with the Piggy face, dessert plate with the Piggy face and many more which I can't recollect...LOL!  All stacked up in  treasure box :p   Well....next time she may gift me a real piggy for a pet....is there one that is a toy piggy like the toy dog that remains small and not grow anymore. I don't mind having a four legged one as my two legged ones are grown up already :))) 

Thank you Piggy Cuz for giving me this....so very cute
and now I am looking for a Piggy Bento Box !!!! 
hinting hinting all the way for Xmas is coming soon  :pPp

^ ^ )

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