Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Animal Picks From Daiso, The Curve

When I saw this on Zurin's blog , I fell head over heel in love with these cute super cute animal picks.  Thank God she disclosed where she found them and I quickly called up my Piggy Jo and told her to get me some  on her next trip to Daiso, The Curve and I have to straight away used them on my recent birthday cake :)  They are super cute ...aren't they ???  and that pair of Piggies....LOL! reminds me of my two Piggies !  Thank you Piggy Jo for gifting them to me. I love them and shall be using them to the fullest in my bento :) and they wont have time to sleep in their cozy box ! :p   They are versatile...you can use them on cakes as decoration or use them to pick on your fruits and firm jelly and not least as deco on your bento :)

Cute Cute Super Cute and they make my days brighter with their
adorable faces !!!!

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