Sunday, 4 December 2011

The Cute Piggy Tea Cup :)

I received this cutie tea cup from Piggy Cuz.....for my birthday and I heart it so much. So sweet and the Piggy looks so adorable like my Piggy Jo LOL! Thank you Piggy Cuz for this cute tea cup.  And when you turn the cup over, the Piggy looks more cute , like it is doing a somersault stunt :) Cute a not ?  Love the shade of pink too.  And this birthday gift came together with a beautiful birthday card  and the front page of the card has  Piggies on the cake ! I think I will having more Piggy stuff coming my way coz she was in Singapore the last few weeks :p  She gave me something nice for Christmas and I shall be posting it up after Christmas.  I almost fainted when I saw what was inside the bag......not telling you yet but soon patient :)))  Meanwhile , enjoy looking at this cutie Piggy tea cup :)

I am a collector of Piggy stuffs * Oink

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