Sunday, 23 December 2012

Christmas Presents For My Doggies :)

Even dogs have their own wish list for Christmas! Santa reads their wish list too :p  I have two cute dogs at home. One is a crossed Rottweiller and German Shepherd named ' Charco'  and the other is a crossed between a mongrel and a mixed German Shepherd , she is named " Bear Bear' .  Hubby treats them like his own kids LOL! When he talks to the dogs, he refers himself as " Daddy " haha and this make me smile.  It is damn funny to hear his conversation with his dogs.  And he will refers me as 'Mommy' to them.  Surprisingly , after 6 years, the dogs finally understand simple english phrase such as " 'Go to Mommy'  , ' Go to Daddy' ,  Go eat,  Down and Sleep, out, Roll Over,   Sit and Fetch Bone.  Every relatives and close friends know how much we adore and love them, thus sometimes when these friends and relatives goes oversea for holidays, they will remember to bring gifts back for my two dogs :)   And this beef flavored Gnawler Bone is an example.  These Gnawler Bones  are from UK and were gifted to my two dogs by Piggy Jo's fiance . Thank you .....the doggies are happy !   These are the dogs' Christmas presents and in a few days time, they will get to savor them !  

Monday, 10 December 2012

Garlic Chopper For Garlic Lover - Great Travel Kit

When I received this gift from Ronnie, a family friend , I was wondering what robotic thing is this !  LOL! after looking at it for a long time, I realised it must be a hand held garlic chopper :)   When I tried it out, I was thinking, it is quite troublesome if I needed more than a few cloves of garlic.  The way I use garlic in my daily cooking, I need a food processor to mince all my garlic and not this cute little robotic looking gadget LOL! But this is good for travelling and you need to have some raw garlic to go with your noodles !  My other spouse must have raw garlic and chilli when eating out.  Whether with rice or noodles !  and this cute little hand held garlic chopper would be ideal.   This was bought in Australia and a gift from Ronnie....thank you so much for this cute little robotic looking hand held kitchen aid.......rolling and chopping at the same time....chopped garlic in just seconds !  

Chefn is the brand and it is easy to use....peel off garlic skin , a few cloves at a time , roughtly 4 cloves and  put into the gadget and you can roll on the wheels and the cutter blades will do the work for you...this is good for travelling especially for people like us who can't do without garlic in our meals :)

Have fun looking at my lastest kitchen gadget.....not a piggy this time but a robotic looking
garlic chopper ! :)

Have a  nice day !

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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Kitchen Kritters - Silicone Pot Holder - Piggy :)

When my buddy Claire went to Sacremento, California to visit her sister, there were so many things that I wanted to ask her to buy back for me but knowing she is a shopper herself, I restraint asking her to do me the favor :p coz she told me she has a long shopping list to oblige.   I was surprised when she bought this cute silicone pot holder back for me.  This is so darn cute and I heart it so much.  So sweet of her to gift this to me. Thank you Claire dear for this cutie pot holder !   This pliable silicone material makes gripping easy and is heat resistant to 425º and is dishwasher safe. By Kitchen Kritters, and comes in many animal faces but the cutest is this :p  I love it ! 

You have to agree with me that this is darn CUTE...right ????


Have a nice day!

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Sunday, 4 November 2012

Oink Oink Clock

I call this clock the oink oink clock
so cute ...right?

Have a nice day !

Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Note Holder - Miss Pink Piggy - Cute !

Piggy Cuz got this cute note holder for pinky. Simply  LOVE IT !   


it has got a smiley cheers me up 

Thank you dear Piggy Cuz !   

**** OINK OINK OINK ****

Have an oinky day.........

Monday, 8 October 2012

Flying Piggy - Fridge Magnet ! :)

Piggy are as adorable as this one !!!!  LOL! I  LOVE IT cute and it makes me happy to see it every morning on my fridge .   A happy piggy makes my day !   Thank you, Kamsahamida , Arigato and Terima Kasih for this cutie pie :)

Hope seeing this will put a smile on your face :)

Have a nice day !

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Monday, 10 September 2012

Piggy Bank - Very " Britain"

Look!  Ain't she CUTE ????  My Piggy Cuz went to UK for a short holiday and she never forgets me and my piggy craze.  I only asked her to buy me a bottle of Kahlua and guess what when I went to her place to collect my Kahlua...YEAAAAA....this cute little piggy dressed with the Britain flag...hahaha so very Britain !!!!  We love it so much that Piggy Jo and myself can't help oinking over it LOL!  Thank you Piggy Cuz for this cute this Piggy.  I am showcasing it here for all of you to see...hahaha and I hope you guys love it as much as we do :)

she got a cute butt too...LOL!

Have a nice day !

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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Taiping Lake Gardens - Taiping, Perak, Malaysia

The Taiping Lake Gardens was formerly an abandoned tin mine. It was developed into a park in 1884. It was officially opened to the public by then Perak British Resident Frank Swettenham on November 17, 1893. According to  Selangor Journal dated January 12, 1894,  Frank Swettenham's wife, Constance Sydney Holmes, with the help of a mining inspector, William Scott, turned the area into a scenic place and subsequently a park.  The concept behind the creation of the lake gardens is attributed to the nostalgia brought by the Lake District of England and the Highland of Scotland. 

It is divided into several components , namely the green belt; Silver Jubilee Memorial Jetty; Taiping Jubileee Memorial Pavilion; Fountain ; Red Bridges and other bridges; Bougainvillea Point; Sevens Sister Point; Bamboo Point ; Lotus Point; Turtle Bay; Jungle Lake; West Lake; Almanda Pond; Oblong Pond; Central Jungle; Turtle Point; and The Raintrees.  The original size of the park was 61.93 ha but after additional acquisition by the Perak Government, is now located on a 96.44 ha site.  Fully administered by the Taiping Municipal Council, which also runs the Taiping Zoo located within the park.   The council has officially tagged 113 raintrees at the park and also maintains over 1,300 other types of trees with  the help from arborists and experts from the Forest Research Institute of Malaysia.  The raintrees are more than a 100 years old and one recently got uprooted in the heavy storm.   
( notes taken from The Star )

this part of the lake is serene and I love the reflected image
on the beautiful  :)

we came here when it was hot and dry thus that explain why the lake
looks dried up :p

a nice place for meditation and a place for the family to get 
together for a time of relaxation....even couples wants their
wedding photos taken here :)  do you recognize the lady in yellow..
yea she is a famous blogger.....

and not to forget...this is another famous blogger...

I was there with these two famous bloggers in July 2012 but could not take pictures of the whole area or those area mentioned started to rain and we jumped into the car and off we went looking for yummy food in Taiping :)   A nice place to take the family for picnics and teaching kids what raintrees looks like besides the beautiful lakes :)

Have a nice day !

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Friday, 17 August 2012

Silicone Spatula With Piggy Face :)

I received a special Post Laju envelope from Angie Tee of Seasaltwithfood.  And gosh, I was skipping on my ' trotters ' with joy.   Guess what was inside the envelope...yea this cute cute silicone spatula with the pink Piggy face. I simply adore it and I can't wait to use it ...ohhhhh so very cute that I can hug it to sleep every night  :p  Seriously, don't you agree with me that it is a cute thing...the sweet pink and the cute face makes it nice .  Of course I will use it soon :)   This truly cheers me up especially each time I holds it in my hand, I want to caress its face...hahaha silly me but seriously, I adores anything with a Piggy face. I collects them all.

" Angie, you are an angel and thank you so much for having the thoughts of getting me this cute gift. And the Persian Saffron Candly Floss just melts in my mouth....the perfect sweetness and  saffron flavor on the tongue is so heavenly that I can't stop putting them into my mouth :)   I love the two gifts very much !  "

So cute ....right?

Thank you Angie !

*         *          *

Monday, 30 July 2012

Kuala Sepetang , Perak, Malaysia

Kuala Sepetang is a coastal town located in Perak, Malaysia. The town was formerly known as Port Weld, named after a fomer British Governor known as Frederick Weld. It is a thriving fishing village, and the main jumping-off point to the river mouth community of Kuala Sangga, which is a Chinese fishing community at the river mouth which specializes in fish breeding in cages.  Kuala Sepetang has excellent seafoods  and it has a fmous restaurant situated on the upper floor of a shop lot overlooking the river. People go there not just for their fresh seafood but to view the beautiful scenery ,a totally different scenic for the urban people :)  The beautiful scenery of the river and mangrove swamp would be heaven for photographers.

I was there to savor the fresh seafood with a few blogger friends, Kathy of Small Kuching and Claire of Caring Is Just Not Sharing.  We reached Restaurant Tepi Sungai just in time for lunch. The restaurant is right beside the river! It is on the first floor of the building. The ground floor is the docking area for the fishing boats to unload their catch for the day.  And if you are there at the right time , the boat arrived, you will be lucky to buy the freshest fishes ,flower crabs and prawns.  We enjoyed the cool breeze and we saw many fishing boats docking at several jetties.  I managed to take a few nice shots of the place.  I will definitely come here again with my family.  If you have not been to this place, do take some time off and visit this beautiful coastal town. 

From the restaurant , we could see the fishing boats coming back and docked below the restaurant jetty.  The jetty is constructed from the bakau wood and concrete stumps.  We were lucky to be able to witness the unloading of the fishermen's catch for the day....urban people like us find this interesting though it is the daily life for the people staying there.

This is the famous restaurant where tourists from Malaysia and Singapore
stopped by to savor their fresh seafood and enjoy the beautiful scenery :)

 *            *            *

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Cute Ball Pen With A Piggy Figurine - My Happy Charm !

This is a kinda cute ball pen which is a gift from from Piggy Cuz.  A little piggy in his swimming trunk holding his ring float.  It really cheers me up especially when I am having a hard time in the office , it takes a little to make me happy.  Strange isn't it is just a ball pen yet it could make me SMILE !   My cousin really spoils me. Whenever she goes globe trotting,, she will not hesitate to watch out for cute little stuff with a Piggy figurine on it .  And this is an example. She never forgets this old cousin who is young at heart and who keeps a collection of piggy figurines stuff  LOL!   Thank you Piggy Cuz for this cute Piggy :)  

Yea, I collects anything with the Piggy figurine on it :)

*           *           *