Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Storage/Accessories Box With Cute Piggy Face Lid - One Cute Xmas Present!

This Piggy Faced storage/accessories box is so very cute.  And I think you can guess who gave it to me if you are a regular visitor to my blog :)  Yea....Piggy Cuz gave this cutie to us as our Xmas present.  It is a plastic treasure box with the lid covered with a Piggy face that is so adorable.  I can now use this treasure box to store all the other Piggies stuff/accessories that I received from her.  I did not remove plastic sheet that covers the lid for fear that it might get dirty. So the plastic sheet can act as a protective cover for my Piggy faced lid :p    I don't wanna dirty my Piggy's  face for sure.  

I love the sweet pink color and this container is a multi purpose plastic box . You can use it for anything. A multi purpose box with a cute Piggy face that will light up your morning when you see it. I will store all my other Piggy stuff/accessories in it.  And thank you Piggy Cuz for surprising us with such a delightful Piggy box.

This truly makes me happy each time I see the Piggy face
reminds me of my Piggies LOL!

love the dreamy look.... :)

the height of the box is about 16 inches 
and width is about 14 inches

and this is the note that came with the box ...
Piggy Cuz printed it out herself....she is so cute
and creative enough to put us all in
this home printed Xmas greeting card !

Piggy Cuz...thank you so much for being so thoughtful :)

Love ya !

*          *          *