Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Cookbooks !!!! :)

What did I get for Christmas 2011 ??? Yessss.....four more cookbooks to add to my collection.  I don't have to buy them for one sweet  Santarina & one handsome Santa gave me these wonderful books for being a super momsie for the year 2011 :p  Yea....Jo and Josh gave them to me as christmas pressies.  What a wonderful gesture on their part.  Knowing Wild Boar will surely stop me from buying anymore cookbooks, they did the job for me....hahaha I don't call them my partners-in-crime for nothing !   Thank you darlings for these wonderful cookbooks.  I LOVE THEM ALL ! These will last me till next Christmas.... ** hinting hinting strongly  ^_________^  One whole year of cooking  :)

Take note family :-
I  need a new book shelf to keep these books that keep coming to me :p the old shelf is bursting already ...once again hinting strongly.  so next Xmas present will have to be a new book shelf..big enough to hold all my precious books !

 For more details of the books You can click here 


  1. lol...yes...very nice bookshelves...i want too

  2. wah..so nice can get these as christmas presents..so i presume i will be seeing more western cooking from you, yay!

  3. Kathy...hahaha yea, too many books liow :p

    Lena...yea it is nice to receive so many at one time...keep me busy for the 2012 :p