Thursday, 19 January 2012

Looking At Nature Through The Lens

I love nature and seeing things in its natural at the Polo Ground , Ipoh where I go for my brisk walk every weekend, makes me HAPPY.   This ground is very nature orientated.  Lots of big trees around the walk path , some as old me :p . Beside this polo ground lies the chinese cemetery . The old fashion tombstones are truly classic!  As I walked along the path alongside the cemetery,  I get the spooky feeling...hahaha and it does give me a kind of excitement and at the same time scary feel :)

As I walked past the fish pond , I sighted this wild weeds in full blooms. I took this picture after a light shower of rain,  most of the flowers are wet and looking limp . But when the sun is out, the flowers will be swaying and dancing when the wind breezes by....beautiful sight !

The little stream is full of lotus plants and some have blooms, pink and white....some dragon flies are sighted hovering over the flowers waiting to settle down on the flowers, I managed to catch one sitting on the white flower.  It is at this time that I wish I have a better camera and that I am a good photographer.  Well, all this will have to wait...retirement is nearing....I know I will not be bored with my extra time.   I intend to take up photography when I my time is packed with blogging, cooking, baking and baby sitting my children LOL!  Just kidding, I travel often to KL to visit them.  Bonding time is important now that they will be flying off the nest soon :)

And here are some inpromptu photos that I took of  a pair of squirrel...yea SQUIRRELs :)  They were running up the tree chasing each other or rather the male chasing the female . It ao happened , I was walking past that tree. I quickly took out my camera from the pants pocket  ( I always keep the cam in my pocket so that I can take pictures as and when I want )  and zoomed on them but the female was too fast for me, the male ( I assumed, coz the male always protect the female :p)  stood on the branch and ready to pounce on me while I hold the cam and pointing at his direction.  Haha... Wild Boar said he is posing for me. The male squirrel jumped to the left and then jumped to the if he knows I wanted to take a shot at him :)  And he did posed sexily for me and I managed to capture a close up of him .

I hope you enjoy reading this post and the pictures I posted up here.  It is me looking at nature through my camera lens :)) 

and here is me wishing
my family , readers and friends
'Happy Dragon Year
and Gong Xi Fa Cai '

may the new year brings
good health , happiness and prosperity
to all !


  1. elin, i think you ended up taking photographs rather than going for exercise :D

  2. Lena....hahaha true but I enjoyed the nature around me and can't help it when I saw the squirrel on the branch...whip out the cam and started shooting away :)