Thursday, 23 February 2012

Yay! My Bread Books Have Arrived !!!!

Book Depository is having a 10% discount for all their books until 29th February 2012 and I took the opportunity to order 3 books for myself and another one for Piggy Jo. I know this is one thing I can't never get myself abstain from :p   My first two books arrived yesterday.  " Artisan Bread In Five Minutes A Day " and " Healthy Bread In Five Minutes A Day " both the books are by Jeff Hertzberg ,M.D., and Zoe Francois. The first book talks on how to make the wet dough that can keep for 7-14 days depending on the recipe. No kneading and with that one dough you can turn them into your favorite artisan bread in five minutes - now this is quite misleading. Not that you can have your bread in five minutes a day...just that you can have your dough at anytime of the day by just cutting a piece out of the stored dough in the fridge in five minutes. You still need to proof it for 20 minutes before baking.  The good thing about this is, there is no kneading required and the longer it is kept in the fridge the bread taste better.   Very informative book and I have no regrets getting them.  I have 5 bread books on artisan bread....LOL! can be a bread maker now :)))    

The second book gives you an idea how to have healthy breads using healthy ingredients.... I love this book for it enlightens you on the secret works with super healthy ingredients.  It is basically mix enough dough for many loaves and store it in the refrigerator and has 100 new recipes featuring whole grains, Fruits, Vegetables, and Gluten -Free this is what I need !

Woot Woot.....two more bread books to my collection :p
and now waiting patiently for my
Martha Stewart's Pies & Tarts

I order all my books from Book Depository :)
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Friday, 17 February 2012

A Visit To The Rabbit Fun Land @ Broga, Semenyih - Part 3

I am still ranting on about the trip to the Rabbit Fun Land...................ok ...another one final part on ponies and reindeer :p  Somewhere around the rabbit farm, there was a monkey sanctuary and there have three monkeys there , ( sorry , not sure of the species, they look the same to me LOL!  ) sitting on a wooden beam...cute fellas...their behavior are so similar to humans..hahaha sorry not meant to offend anyone :p  look ! even their mohawk hairstyle looks like our hair imitate them I guess ! Could not resist looking at them...stood there for a while and took a few pictures of them and lucky for me, I managed to capture a few good ones for remembrance :)  Ok Ok not that I have never seen a monkey before but have been staying in the city for some time now so seeing one is thrilling for me and Jo enjoyed every minute of it :p

see the mohawk hairstyle...and look at their fingers
reminded you of someone LOL! 
of course we are more good looking!

this one here is showing her tantrums.....coz she was not given her
share of the carrots........she is intelligent...very !

she is looking sad..huh.....

she is posing a good one just for me :)

this is the fierce one.....finally got the carrots...but I think they shall
supply bananas for them :(  they would love bananas more !

perfect pair....scratching for each other
and picking out the ticks on each other's body

see how serious she gets when doing a job.....
we should learn from them ...huh !

see the expression.....contentment....

so fun watching them ......

and so much to learn from them :)

*            *            * 

Friday, 10 February 2012

A Visit To The Rabbit Fun Land @ Broga, Semenyih - Part 2

Next to the rabbit sanctuary is the goat sanctuary...they are so cute. You can even pat their heads and they love it :) so very cute, gentle and adorable.  They are not for sale nor adoption or I would just carry one home :p Their fur are so very soft and silky for some and they have long ears too.  I could not resist but to pat one of them. They are friendly too :)  The mother goats are tall and elegant protective over their kids . 

Can you see how happy the whole goat family are when there are visitors...they know they will fed with apples and carrots....stretching their necks through the very them all !   I fed the mother goat some apple slices as you can see from the picture below. They are gentle creatures and the other goat looking and waiting patiently for her share :)

see how she stretched her neck out to take the slice of apples

the kids are so cute and love them all...
wish I could take one of them home
as a pet :)

they look happy and healthy

hey buddy...dont' kiss my butt !

their fur are so soft and silky and look at they long ears ....I want to give
it a pull and see how they react to that :p 

look at this cozy and comfortable 
resting inside this plastic container this picture !

and look at these two brothers....sharing the same tub
hahaha humans should learn from these animals......
that is why God make them first before making
Adam and Eve LOL!

and look at these two kids....resting side by side 
so close together and loving......we should learn from them
how to be close and be loving to one another  :)

I love the color of this momsie goat...have spots like a dalmatian ! :)
can you see her kids at the background

my  hero...tall dark and handsome

my pretty lady.....soft , gentle and elegant :)

Jo and myself enjoyed spending some time with these cute goats :)
feeding them apples and we both  feel like a child again ! LOL!

More on our visit to this Rabbit  Fun land in Part 3...stay tuned :)

*            *           *

Thursday, 9 February 2012

A Visit To The Rabbit Fun Land @ Broga/Semenyih Part 1

Whenever I visit Piggy Jo in Semenyih, she will take me to this restaurant , 'Jia Xiang' , that serves very good dishes. She used to frequent Broga, a border town between Negeri Sembilan and Selangor , coz this restaurant serves good food and is near to her University.  We used to pass this rabbit farm on the way to the restaurant and I was curious what they have in there.  Finally, I could not help it and decided to pay it a visit when I was down there during the Chinese New Year holidays.  The entrance fee is RM5 per person. You can buy their ready packed food for feeding the animals there.  They have cut apples, carrots and dried pellets for the rabbits @ RM10 for a small packet. This is really a cut-throat thing.   There are other animals there besides the rabbits that will thrill your kids to bits.  You can help feed the animals there.  There are ponies, mountain goats, sheeps, reindeers and monkeys to entertain you .  I had a wonderful time there and no regrets visiting this rabbit farm.   

By the way, the rabbits are for sale.  You can pick your choice and take home as pets or to bbq them for dinner :)) Seriously, many buy them to make satay out of pitiful :(

I love this picture..... you can see the kid and the rabbit trusting each other

I want to take this furry creature back !......mmmm
 resting time for them I guess

whispering sweet nothings to each other...
 Valentine's day is near :)

the rabbits are big and meaty for making satay :p

this little one is napping away :)

Romeo and Juliet taking a rest together...
so loving :)

a rabbit hole.....soon they can tunnel their way out of the farm  LOL!

this is the lazy one.........:)

the rabbits in the cage are for can pick them as pets or
bbq them as satay :)))

rabbit satay....anyone ?

Stay tuned for the Part 2......more cute animals coming in Part 2 :)

*            *           *