Friday, 17 February 2012

A Visit To The Rabbit Fun Land @ Broga, Semenyih - Part 3

I am still ranting on about the trip to the Rabbit Fun Land...................ok ...another one final part on ponies and reindeer :p  Somewhere around the rabbit farm, there was a monkey sanctuary and there have three monkeys there , ( sorry , not sure of the species, they look the same to me LOL!  ) sitting on a wooden beam...cute fellas...their behavior are so similar to humans..hahaha sorry not meant to offend anyone :p  look ! even their mohawk hairstyle looks like our hair imitate them I guess ! Could not resist looking at them...stood there for a while and took a few pictures of them and lucky for me, I managed to capture a few good ones for remembrance :)  Ok Ok not that I have never seen a monkey before but have been staying in the city for some time now so seeing one is thrilling for me and Jo enjoyed every minute of it :p

see the mohawk hairstyle...and look at their fingers
reminded you of someone LOL! 
of course we are more good looking!

this one here is showing her tantrums.....coz she was not given her
share of the carrots........she is intelligent...very !

she is looking sad..huh.....

she is posing a good one just for me :)

this is the fierce one.....finally got the carrots...but I think they shall
supply bananas for them :(  they would love bananas more !

perfect pair....scratching for each other
and picking out the ticks on each other's body

see how serious she gets when doing a job.....
we should learn from them ...huh !

see the expression.....contentment....

so fun watching them ......

and so much to learn from them :)

*            *            * 

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