Thursday, 9 February 2012

A Visit To The Rabbit Fun Land @ Broga/Semenyih Part 1

Whenever I visit Piggy Jo in Semenyih, she will take me to this restaurant , 'Jia Xiang' , that serves very good dishes. She used to frequent Broga, a border town between Negeri Sembilan and Selangor , coz this restaurant serves good food and is near to her University.  We used to pass this rabbit farm on the way to the restaurant and I was curious what they have in there.  Finally, I could not help it and decided to pay it a visit when I was down there during the Chinese New Year holidays.  The entrance fee is RM5 per person. You can buy their ready packed food for feeding the animals there.  They have cut apples, carrots and dried pellets for the rabbits @ RM10 for a small packet. This is really a cut-throat thing.   There are other animals there besides the rabbits that will thrill your kids to bits.  You can help feed the animals there.  There are ponies, mountain goats, sheeps, reindeers and monkeys to entertain you .  I had a wonderful time there and no regrets visiting this rabbit farm.   

By the way, the rabbits are for sale.  You can pick your choice and take home as pets or to bbq them for dinner :)) Seriously, many buy them to make satay out of pitiful :(

I love this picture..... you can see the kid and the rabbit trusting each other

I want to take this furry creature back !......mmmm
 resting time for them I guess

whispering sweet nothings to each other...
 Valentine's day is near :)

the rabbits are big and meaty for making satay :p

this little one is napping away :)

Romeo and Juliet taking a rest together...
so loving :)

a rabbit hole.....soon they can tunnel their way out of the farm  LOL!

this is the lazy one.........:)

the rabbits in the cage are for can pick them as pets or
bbq them as satay :)))

rabbit satay....anyone ?

Stay tuned for the Part 2......more cute animals coming in Part 2 :)

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