Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Piggy Paper Weight - Chung Kiaw Bank Ltd

These are antique paper weights that my father-in-law used to keep in his little wooden chest box.  When I first married into the family , he used to show me all his antiques stuff . I fell in love with these cute piggies paper weights were given by Chung Khiaw Bank Ltd to their customers when they opened an account with them and each time he took them out to clean them, I will hold them in hands and traced the shape with my fingers and he could see that I really adored them and ONE DAY, before I had my two kids, he gave them to me...just like that , he said to me with a gentle smile on his kind face " You like these ?  You can have them ! "  gosh , I was like a fish out of the aquarium.... and since then I adopted them into my own collection of Piggies.   Before passing them to me , he gave a brief history on this two Piggies :)  My father-in-law passed away two years ago and I have these two Piggies as a rememberance of him .  He was a wonderful father-in-law and I learned a lot of things from him , surprisingly ! :)))

Cute...right ! I wish they are gold nuggets  :)))) then I can
laugh my way to the bank !

Have a nice day ogling at my Piggies


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Saturday, 17 March 2012

Mini Pegs With Piggy Face :)

Kathy, my blogger friend,  is such a dear. She always give me gifts that are priceless :)  She is such an observant person and she knows that I love eating snacks and a passion for collecting stuff with piggy face on it. When she goes back to the east coast, Terengganu - one of the beautiful coastal State of Malaysia,  she will buy prawn crackers and Buah Belinjau chips and kain batik - printed batik  and send them to me :)

Recently ,she visited Sibu and she passed some pressies for me through my buddy friend Claire,, another Kain Batik ....and when I looked inside the bag, I saw another  tiny packet wrapped in gift paper....I thought it was a key chain but to my surprised , it was full of mini pegs with my favorite Piggy face on them !!!!  If I was not in the car, I would have done a dance on my trotters :p

Thank you so much , Kathy, for those wonderful and awesome is not just the gifts , it is the thought that makes me happy.  I love the kain batik and the cute little pegs very much !

Do you agree with me that those cute little pegs are so adorable ?  Love them to bits and I have added them to my collection of  Piggy stuffs :) Nothing makes me more happy than to have these cuties added to my collection !

Thank you Kathy for these cuties !

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Friday, 2 March 2012

Pies & Tarts - Martha Stewart

Finally, my Martha Stewart's Pies & Tarts arrived yesterday !!!!! Yippee Yippee Yay Yay .....* have you seen how a pig dancing on its trotters *.....hahaha  nevermind...I was happy that my book arrived safely and I don't have to wait too long a time to have this book in my hands :))) The first thing I did , after taking off my shoes ,was to sit on the sofa and opened up the book and gosh, all those mouth-watering desserts staring into my face.  Wild Boar was annoyed coz he was hungry :p and I have not started cooking his dinner LOL! Glued to the beautiful dessert pictures in the book...he took away my book and kinda bulldozed me to the kitchen !!!! How ungentleman like....anyway he said that was how a wild boar behave ! * eye balls rolled backwards *   Hurried through dinner , ( left the unwashed plates in the sink ) , grabbed my cam and started shooting the inside of the book for you to view and drool :p   It is just early March and I have already bought 3 books from Book Depository and have bookmarked a few more - you are reading me right! * tongue sticking out * I am a sucker for cooking books  and I have stopped making new year resolutions coz I know I can never keep it  :p  3 new books !!!

I bought this book when Book Depository gave a 10% discount on all books recently , even on books already on wonderful ! and how could I not buy any !...hahaha books make me happy !!! Yay, I could sit on the sofa for hours just reading through all the recipes in one night and bookmarked those that I wanted to bake...half the time not baking them though bookmarked ! :p  A good book to have if you love pies and tarts . Took some snaps for you to see what is inside the book....enjoy !!!  :))))  

the back of the book even have that mouth-watering piece
of deliciousness !

Wow...look at this....Apricot-Pistachio Tart....gosh I want a piece
of that :p

Ginger Pear Hand Pie....mmmmm see how beautifully shaped those crust were !

I like this..Vegetable Tartlets.....I can imagine how good this is
and I have bookmarked it for further bakes :)

Alastian Potato Pie...looks good :p

Red & Golden Beet Cheese Tart....

Scallions Tartlets..another one I have KIV  :p

Poached Pear And Almond Tart

Quince Apple Pie - very rustic..I like :)

Summer Squash Lattice Tart....another healthy tart !

Hope you enjoy what I have taken the trouble to share with you
the inside of the book and there are many more mouth-watering 
recipes in the book.  You can get this book from Book Depository 
with free shipping world wide  :)

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