Saturday, 17 March 2012

Mini Pegs With Piggy Face :)

Kathy, my blogger friend,  is such a dear. She always give me gifts that are priceless :)  She is such an observant person and she knows that I love eating snacks and a passion for collecting stuff with piggy face on it. When she goes back to the east coast, Terengganu - one of the beautiful coastal State of Malaysia,  she will buy prawn crackers and Buah Belinjau chips and kain batik - printed batik  and send them to me :)

Recently ,she visited Sibu and she passed some pressies for me through my buddy friend Claire,, another Kain Batik ....and when I looked inside the bag, I saw another  tiny packet wrapped in gift paper....I thought it was a key chain but to my surprised , it was full of mini pegs with my favorite Piggy face on them !!!!  If I was not in the car, I would have done a dance on my trotters :p

Thank you so much , Kathy, for those wonderful and awesome is not just the gifts , it is the thought that makes me happy.  I love the kain batik and the cute little pegs very much !

Do you agree with me that those cute little pegs are so adorable ?  Love them to bits and I have added them to my collection of  Piggy stuffs :) Nothing makes me more happy than to have these cuties added to my collection !

Thank you Kathy for these cuties !

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  1. Glad you like them :) and thanks to Claire to being the 'delivery lady" hahaha