Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Piggy Paper Weight - Chung Kiaw Bank Ltd

These are antique paper weights that my father-in-law used to keep in his little wooden chest box.  When I first married into the family , he used to show me all his antiques stuff . I fell in love with these cute piggies paper weights were given by Chung Khiaw Bank Ltd to their customers when they opened an account with them and each time he took them out to clean them, I will hold them in hands and traced the shape with my fingers and he could see that I really adored them and ONE DAY, before I had my two kids, he gave them to me...just like that , he said to me with a gentle smile on his kind face " You like these ?  You can have them ! "  gosh , I was like a fish out of the aquarium.... and since then I adopted them into my own collection of Piggies.   Before passing them to me , he gave a brief history on this two Piggies :)  My father-in-law passed away two years ago and I have these two Piggies as a rememberance of him .  He was a wonderful father-in-law and I learned a lot of things from him , surprisingly ! :)))

Cute...right ! I wish they are gold nuggets  :)))) then I can
laugh my way to the bank !

Have a nice day ogling at my Piggies


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  1. Be thankful it's not gold nugget else you will worry where to keep them. hahaha.

    I like the ears. It's very big. Maybe Chung Khiaw Bank believe big ear mean longevity? Now I dont think can find piggy with big ears like these

  2. though they are not gold, they are just as precious as gold!