Friday, 20 April 2012

Piggy Mirror And Comb Set

This mirror and comb set was To Piggy Jo by Piggy Cuz :)  I could not wait to show you guys  how cute and sweet it is :)  Perfect for a young sweet Piggy  like  Jo :)  Too bad it was not for me , but I could  play with it for a while... can't I ? When I said playing,  I meant photoshooting  it :p   Jo ask to add this to my collection of Piggy stuff ....whoa...she is generous ! Thanks Jo, for sharing this item with me and yea... in it goes into the treasure box.  But before it goes into the treasure box, have a look at Cute Piggy Comb set :)

the small print on the front says.....
 "the sun will shine your way "
whoa...I like it !

 the Piggy comb looks this moment I am like
a five year old and not twenty-five nor fifty- two LOL!

the designer of this comb and mirror set is smart
even a twenty-five and fifty-two fell for it....:)

the other comb next to the mirror and comb set was given
by Piggy Cuz sometimes back.....another cute comb
fit for a five year old but this twenty-five and fifty-two
fell for it too......

these two Piggy combs is at the moment staying
in the Piggy treasure box.....
I know my future grandchildren will enjoy putting their little hands
in to take out these cuties when they come visiting the grand Momsie :)

Have a nice day and like what is printed on the front

May the sun shine your way.......

*             *              *

Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Mini Piggy Torch Light Mementos

These are cute little piggies torch light .  I am sure you can guess who gave them to me....yeah Piggy Cuz. My treasure box will be full of piggies stuff and soon I shall open a pig farm :))  Love them , they are so adorable!  Their snout are where the light will shine through. The on and off switch for the light is right at their belly....heart shape button....LOL! so very cute.   She gave me each !  But I kept them together and keep them as mementos in the treasure box she gave me.  I keep all the Piggies mementos in that treasure box :)  Keep them coming Piggy Cuz LOL!   Thank you for them. I love each and every one. They are cutie pies where I am concern.   They are about one and half inch long and suppose to be a mini torch light cum key chain.   

I turned them over to show you their heart shape on/off switch
for the torch cute !

don't you think they are cute !
and thank you Piggy more time :)

Have a nice day !

*            *           *

Win in the flat world championship

Friday, 6 April 2012

My Cute Piggy Shaped Water Spray Pump

I am sure many of you know that I am a collector of cute Piggy stuffs for my kitchen use ...anything related to kitchen utensils , I will surely grab them home . My  Piggy Cousin  got the viral from me and she too shop them for me....OINK OINK ...and here is the latest Piggy Water Pump she got for me ...hahaha and guess what ??? I used it to spray on  my artisan useful and this cute Piggy shaped water spray pump which can hold 500 ml of water , has become part of my baking utensils....assist in making my artisan bread  LOL!  Thank you Piggy Cuz for this cute little Piggy water spray pump.....fully utilized for your information.... do keep the Piggies coming  LOL!

cute cute cute Piggy  faced water spray pump
it can holds 500ml of water...just nice for
spraying on my artisan bread to give the crust a
crunchy texture.....

It is called a  'Happy Pig'

I placed it near my Peter Reinhart's book
and they look perfect for each other....:)

TQ Piggy Cuz for this wonderful water spray !

Have a wonderful  EASTER BREAK  ...God bless !

*              *              *