Friday, 6 April 2012

My Cute Piggy Shaped Water Spray Pump

I am sure many of you know that I am a collector of cute Piggy stuffs for my kitchen use ...anything related to kitchen utensils , I will surely grab them home . My  Piggy Cousin  got the viral from me and she too shop them for me....OINK OINK ...and here is the latest Piggy Water Pump she got for me ...hahaha and guess what ??? I used it to spray on  my artisan useful and this cute Piggy shaped water spray pump which can hold 500 ml of water , has become part of my baking utensils....assist in making my artisan bread  LOL!  Thank you Piggy Cuz for this cute little Piggy water spray pump.....fully utilized for your information.... do keep the Piggies coming  LOL!

cute cute cute Piggy  faced water spray pump
it can holds 500ml of water...just nice for
spraying on my artisan bread to give the crust a
crunchy texture.....

It is called a  'Happy Pig'

I placed it near my Peter Reinhart's book
and they look perfect for each other....:)

TQ Piggy Cuz for this wonderful water spray !

Have a wonderful  EASTER BREAK  ...God bless !

*              *              *

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