Friday, 20 April 2012

Piggy Mirror And Comb Set

This mirror and comb set was To Piggy Jo by Piggy Cuz :)  I could not wait to show you guys  how cute and sweet it is :)  Perfect for a young sweet Piggy  like  Jo :)  Too bad it was not for me , but I could  play with it for a while... can't I ? When I said playing,  I meant photoshooting  it :p   Jo ask to add this to my collection of Piggy stuff ....whoa...she is generous ! Thanks Jo, for sharing this item with me and yea... in it goes into the treasure box.  But before it goes into the treasure box, have a look at Cute Piggy Comb set :)

the small print on the front says.....
 "the sun will shine your way "
whoa...I like it !

 the Piggy comb looks this moment I am like
a five year old and not twenty-five nor fifty- two LOL!

the designer of this comb and mirror set is smart
even a twenty-five and fifty-two fell for it....:)

the other comb next to the mirror and comb set was given
by Piggy Cuz sometimes back.....another cute comb
fit for a five year old but this twenty-five and fifty-two
fell for it too......

these two Piggy combs is at the moment staying
in the Piggy treasure box.....
I know my future grandchildren will enjoy putting their little hands
in to take out these cuties when they come visiting the grand Momsie :)

Have a nice day and like what is printed on the front

May the sun shine your way.......

*             *              *

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  1. Cute eh? Glad you like them!

    Piggy Cuz