Saturday, 19 May 2012

Animal Peg :) It Is A Piggy !!!

I received a sms from Piggy Cuz and the text read as " Hi, just got back from Seoul. Can you drop by after work? Got something " tiny" for you :)  "   ..............and the something " tiny " is this cute little oinky fella LOL!  Love it to bits and she got something else too for me. Will showcase it in my coming posts. And a little some for Piggy Jo...which I will also showcase it here.  Love them all.  Thank you Piggy Cuz....will treasure this little fella....I will use it as a remind me the next cake , pie or tart to make.  It is actually an animal shaped favorite animal....Piggy !  

look how cute this little fella peg to my book......peg it there to remind
me the next pie to bake.....:p cute cute piggy

yea it is a peg.....

one more added to the collection of Piggy stuff :)

Enjoy  , and have a great weekend  !

*         *        *


  1. So you love piggy. I don't blame you, they are cute:D

  2. Glad you like it! Bought one for myself too!

    Piggy Cuz