Wednesday, 16 May 2012

My Little ' Trafalgar Square ' :)

The reason I named this little ' Trafalgar Square ' of Ipoh is because of the pigeons that flocked to this fountain square near the Ipoh Padang.  It reminds me of the Trafalgar Square in central London, where pigeons by the thousands flocked there.  But it seems in recent years, most of them have disappeared.  I guess they might have migrated to Ipoh  :p  These pigeons are there and they are quite tame.  It is only recently that I noticed that they are happy birds....every morning on my way to work , I will surely pass this little fountain square near the Ipoh Padang and the same man will be seen throwing grains to them.  No wonder they are happy little birds......even the birds in the sky are being looked after what more we are made after His image :)   I went there for my brisk walk one Sunday morning and saw this scene.  I could not help it by to take a pictures of these birds.  Love the sight of them , and I observed that they are a friendly lot.  As long as it is not bird flu, it is okay to be near them.   Cute little friendly birds they are....

If you have not been to this place, you must make a day to come here to see the will love feeding them :) and think of all the famous food in Ipoh...they are quite near to my little ' Trafalgar Square ' So after spending time with the pigeons , Wild Boar and myself walked to the shop to eat our favorite ' Ipoh Fried Koay Teow '  I kinda look forward to my retirement ....I don't mind coming here every morning to feed the birds and at the same time eat all I want ! LOL!

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  1. Ew. Sorry - not many people are fan of pigeons here. "Rats with wings" they are sometimes called. They are dirty and spread diseases :(