Monday, 9 July 2012

X-Cut - This Is Cool!

This is so cool. Jo took me to a place where she used to have her hair cut.  This is located at the basement of MidValley and you have to pay to the machine.  I find this so amusing.  And it is cheap too !  And the hair stylist can just give you a nice cut for just RM12.  Not bad for KL standard.  A totally new styling for only RM12 !   Each hair cut takes only a few minutes...less than 10 mins.  Fast and yet amazing results !

I could not resist but took a picture of the shop for My Knick Knacks....something interesting.  And my Jo is happy with her new hair cut. I forgot to take a snap shot of her new hair style but it was well done by this hair young stylist.  She told me this hair stylist is actually an intern, that is why they charges so cheap for a new hair styling .  But seriously, he did a great job for Jo .  Young people are very innovative and creative !

I might go there for a total remake one day  LOL!  

Have a nice day !

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  1. I have gone there too. They have a card...if u go ther 4 times...the 5th time is free