Friday, 17 August 2012

Silicone Spatula With Piggy Face :)

I received a special Post Laju envelope from Angie Tee of Seasaltwithfood.  And gosh, I was skipping on my ' trotters ' with joy.   Guess what was inside the envelope...yea this cute cute silicone spatula with the pink Piggy face. I simply adore it and I can't wait to use it ...ohhhhh so very cute that I can hug it to sleep every night  :p  Seriously, don't you agree with me that it is a cute thing...the sweet pink and the cute face makes it nice .  Of course I will use it soon :)   This truly cheers me up especially each time I holds it in my hand, I want to caress its face...hahaha silly me but seriously, I adores anything with a Piggy face. I collects them all.

" Angie, you are an angel and thank you so much for having the thoughts of getting me this cute gift. And the Persian Saffron Candly Floss just melts in my mouth....the perfect sweetness and  saffron flavor on the tongue is so heavenly that I can't stop putting them into my mouth :)   I love the two gifts very much !  "

So cute ....right?

Thank you Angie !

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  1. OH MY GOSH! I MUST get my package off to you!
    I cannot say ANYMORE than that! >.<