Sunday, 23 December 2012

Christmas Presents For My Doggies :)

Even dogs have their own wish list for Christmas! Santa reads their wish list too :p  I have two cute dogs at home. One is a crossed Rottweiller and German Shepherd named ' Charco'  and the other is a crossed between a mongrel and a mixed German Shepherd , she is named " Bear Bear' .  Hubby treats them like his own kids LOL! When he talks to the dogs, he refers himself as " Daddy " haha and this make me smile.  It is damn funny to hear his conversation with his dogs.  And he will refers me as 'Mommy' to them.  Surprisingly , after 6 years, the dogs finally understand simple english phrase such as " 'Go to Mommy'  , ' Go to Daddy' ,  Go eat,  Down and Sleep, out, Roll Over,   Sit and Fetch Bone.  Every relatives and close friends know how much we adore and love them, thus sometimes when these friends and relatives goes oversea for holidays, they will remember to bring gifts back for my two dogs :)   And this beef flavored Gnawler Bone is an example.  These Gnawler Bones  are from UK and were gifted to my two dogs by Piggy Jo's fiance . Thank you .....the doggies are happy !   These are the dogs' Christmas presents and in a few days time, they will get to savor them !  

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