Monday, 10 December 2012

Garlic Chopper For Garlic Lover - Great Travel Kit

When I received this gift from Ronnie, a family friend , I was wondering what robotic thing is this !  LOL! after looking at it for a long time, I realised it must be a hand held garlic chopper :)   When I tried it out, I was thinking, it is quite troublesome if I needed more than a few cloves of garlic.  The way I use garlic in my daily cooking, I need a food processor to mince all my garlic and not this cute little robotic looking gadget LOL! But this is good for travelling and you need to have some raw garlic to go with your noodles !  My other spouse must have raw garlic and chilli when eating out.  Whether with rice or noodles !  and this cute little hand held garlic chopper would be ideal.   This was bought in Australia and a gift from Ronnie....thank you so much for this cute little robotic looking hand held kitchen aid.......rolling and chopping at the same time....chopped garlic in just seconds !  

Chefn is the brand and it is easy to use....peel off garlic skin , a few cloves at a time , roughtly 4 cloves and  put into the gadget and you can roll on the wheels and the cutter blades will do the work for you...this is good for travelling especially for people like us who can't do without garlic in our meals :)

Have fun looking at my lastest kitchen gadget.....not a piggy this time but a robotic looking
garlic chopper ! :)

Have a  nice day !

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  1. LOL....i have one similar...but now become white elephant