Monday, 4 February 2013

Cute Animal Letter Set

This Piggy face letter set brought back childhood memories when there were no internet and messages have to be send by postal system :)  I used to have lots of these animal letter pads.  When I received this letter set, I was thrilled to bits and what more, the letter pad looks so cute with the pinky piggy face...So Cute !  The sweet envelope with a happy pinky piggy face on it makes me smile each time I take it out to have a look.  You can guess this was given to me by my Piggy Cuz LOL!  She is now my newly promoted Purchasing Manager * oink oink  >O< ,  reason being each time she sees Piggies in any form, she will not hestitate to buy them for me....I now need a bigger treasure box to hold all the Piggy gifts :)

this cute animal letter set reminds me of my childhood, when there is no internet
and messages goes out by postal system...what we call the snail mail :p

which is better.....the white or the pink ? :)
I like both ! 

love the sweet envelope with the Piggy face :)

Thank you Piggy Cuz for this cute letter set....* hint , I need a bigger treasure box :p

*         *         *

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  1. I really love getting the piggy memorabilia for you. It's a joy and I find great pleasure in doing so! Thank you for always remembering me and baking such delicious yummies and sharing them with me. A bigger piggy treasure box? Will look out for one :)

    Piggy Cuz