Saturday, 16 February 2013

Ecology Measuring Spoons :) Love It To Bits

Saw this set of 4 measuring spoons at Metrojaya...the last set and I grabbed it before the next person took it.  And guess was Christmas sale and I got it for a song.  Less 50% !  whoot whoot!

taken from the cover of the box:-

The philosophy of the ECOLOGY brand of products is that they are produced after every aspect of the product development and manufacture process has been considered in order to reduce the environmental impact of the products and packaging we use in our everyday life such as :

- use of sustainable forestry
- type of energy used in the manufacture process
- reducing the carbon footprint of our products
- recycability of our products & packaging
- new technology to reduce carbon emissions
- the use of biodegradeable materials

I think I will buy ecology products from now :)

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