Thursday, 28 February 2013

Handmade Rattan Goods :)

On my recent visit to Kuala Kangsar , the royal town of Perak, Malaysia,  for some site work, we passed this place ( Lembah ) facing the Perak  River , where they sell rattan products. Gosh, they have many little shops selling rattan stuff like lamp shades, weave bags from palm leaves, and clay products like the clay vase and pots which the town is famous for.  They called the clay vessel " Labu Sayong ' in the local language. This special black clay water vessel is made from riverclay and it holds drinking water and keeps the water cold at all times.  My colleague and I really enjoyed browsing through all the stuffs in the shop . We didn't buy anything from the shop when we were there but I don't mind going there again, this time with the family :)

I like the rattan lamp shade and their colorful food cover :)

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