Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Jewels From The Garden... Lantern Chillies!

My garden is really in an unkept condition.  I was so busy with church activities since the beginning of 2013 and guess what, my garden is so bushy with wild plants that I can't see what is blooming and what is fruiting in this small bushy and unkept garden of mine.  I was looking for some calamansi  from the garden and suddenly hidden amongst some wild plants, I saw two large lantern chillies really for plucking :)  Wow, this are the first fruiting from this lantern chilli plant which Elaine, my son's girl friend gifted me.  It is as big as my thumb LOL!   This is the most pungent chilli ever and it has a nice fragrant to it besides the hottest chilli.  I am happy it has started fruiting , this means if I add in organic fertilisers , the plant will bear more chillies.  But I am happy with the two chillies .  I am sure there will be more coming in the next fruiting !  Stay tuned for more news on my unkept garden :)  This plant is from Cameron Highland.

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